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How We're Addressing Our Client's Contract Concerns Related to COVID-19

Apr 21, 2020 3:36:33 PM | Sean Lynch

It goes without saying that business challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic are top of mind for all organizations. Right now, our main focus is to assist our clients as they seek clarity and develop strategy for the months ahead.

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Is your eDiscovery software still update-able?

Feb 26, 2020 10:35:07 AM | Sean Lynch

When it comes to legacies, eDiscovery software isn't something to pass down.

No lawyer likes being challenged by opposing counsel on the efficacy and accuracy of a production. For significant litigation matters, few issues give rise to greater cost concerns than that of an incomplete or over-production of documents. The eDiscovery process is one that should be controlled by the best and most-proportionate combination of expertise, process, and technology. While law firms often possess both expertise and process know-how, they may be lacking in a key area: technology.

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Commentary: Judge Andrew Peck's take on current legal tech issues

Feb 24, 2020 3:13:55 PM | Sean Lynch

During Legalweek 2020, Judge Andrew Peck was asked about his take on technology in the legal world. In the Q&A interview published by, the retired federal judge gave his thoughts on eyes-on review, unarchived data and how there is still work to be done in order to integrate technology into the law.

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5 Myths of Outsourced Review

Jan 15, 2020 3:01:07 PM | Sean Lynch

A lot of time and effort goes into legal document review — many times, more than counsel can handle internally. Between budgetary constraints and lack of resources on hand, legal departments and law firms often have to look to alternative options to handle the often time-consuming review of electronic documents potentially relevant to their matter. 

Historically, legal outsourcing has brought some skepticism. As the Director of Legal and Compliance Solutions, I've heard all sorts of reasons why it's "best to keep document reviews in-house or with external counsel". Today I'm sharing why — plain and simple — this is untrue when you work with Ricoh eDiscovery. 

Here are the top five myths I've encountered about outsourced document reviews and their truths. 

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Legal Tech's Predictions for eDiscovery in 2020

Jan 3, 2020 12:57:43 PM | Marketing

We're just three days into the New Year and predictions are starting to roll in on what's to come for legal tech in 2020. According to, "From ephemeral messaging to global expansion and beyond, lawyers and technologists believe eDiscovery will show no signs of stagnation in 2020."

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The Case for Artificial Intelligence

Dec 9, 2019 2:55:43 PM | Marketing

In his recent Canadian Lawyer article, Sean Lynch, Director, Legal and Compliance Solutions, presents his case for AI in legal tech. While some Canadian firms have been early adopters of the technology, those who were left behind may be about to catch up. According to Sean, AI is the next step along the technological curve and is being employed in various ways through contract review and analysis, dark data discovery and document review. 

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Sean Lynch Interview with eDisclosure Information Project: The Mutual Dependence of AI and Human Input

Jun 21, 2019 2:18:37 PM | Marketing

Sean Lynch, Director, Reviews Services, Ricoh eDiscovery sat down with Chris Dale, Founder of the eDisclosure Information Project, to discuss how machine learning and human understanding work together to elevate eDiscovery for modern legal departments. 

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Sean Lynch Interviewed for the Legal Binge Podcast

Jun 6, 2019 12:55:27 PM | Marketing

Sean Lynch, Director, Review Services at Ricoh eDiscovery sat down with Zach Abramowitz, host of the Legal Binge during Legal Week 2019, to discuss how legal industries can utilize technology in a cloud-based environment to leverage analytics and mitigate risk. 

Watch the video podcast interview below. For more information on Legal Binge visit

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Embracing a #BalanceForBetter on International Women's Day

Mar 8, 2019 10:52:47 AM | Marketing

In honour of International Women's Day, we asked some of the leaders in our organization to share their thoughts on ways to create more inclusive and gender-balanced workplaces in the technology industry. #BalanceForBetter #IWD2019

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Misunderstanding AI

Dec 6, 2018 3:54:00 PM | Marketing


In his recently featured article in the OBA's JUST Magazine, Sean Lynch, Director, Review Services, explores the meaning of artificial intelligence (AI) in the legal industry by first answering the question: what, exactly, is AI?

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