Friday Top Nine for October 5, 2018

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Oct 5, 2018 6:23:31 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: How to Give Your Parents the Security Talk this Thanksgiving, The Bigger the Company, the Messier the Password Practices, What Attorneys Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence, and more...


  1. How to Give Your Parents the Security Talk this Thanksgiving

    "Thanksgiving is a time for family to gather together at the dinner table. If you're the family tech whiz, brace yourself for a feast of security questions."  (via

  2. 'Robolawyers' Among Futuristic Ideas Backed by £10m Innovation Fund

    "How can you design an ethical robot lawyer? What regulations are needed for flying taxis? These are some of the questions the British government is hoping to answer with a new £10m fund for futuristic projects that pose significant challenges to existing rules and regulations."  (via

  3. The Truth About Compliance

    "Notes to my (legal) self." (via

  4. Enforcing the Crypto Freeze

    "As cryptocurrencies and other digital assets grow in popularity and value, they continue to test the limits of existing laws. One of the emerging—and increasingly urgent—questions that courts continue to face is how to effectively freeze cryptocurrencies so that defendants in litigation cannot move or dispose of disputed cryptocurrency or other digital assets."  (via

  5. The Bigger the Company, the Messier the Password Practices

    "Passwords continue to be a challenge to cybersecurity in the workplace, and attacks continue to grow in number and complexity every year. Despite these threats, businesses have struggled to quantify their own level of password risk"  (via

  6. Hey, Alexa, California's New IoT Law Requires Data Protections

    "The new law, which the authors say is the first in the nation, contains no private right of action and leaves enforcement in the hands of the attorney general, city and county counsel and district attorneys. There are no mandated penalties." (via

  7. What Attorneys Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence

    "Artificial intelligence is one of today’s hottest buzzwords. As the technology becomes more integrated into our everyday lives, it will become as essential in casework. A basic understanding of AI and its various forms will prove helpful when building a fact-pattern and a strong legal case." (via

  8. The Best of Relativity Fest 2018: Our Favorite Quotes from the Conference

    "Although it’s impossible for us to capture every great moment at Relativity Fest, here’s a small sampling of some of the moments that made Relativity Fest 2018 special.(via

  9. MaRS and U of T to Open New Waterfront Tech Hub

    "MaRS rents out office space to tech startups and provides guidance on capital funding, startup generation and research. The new offices will provide startups with programming and collaborative working space"  (via

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