Friday Top Nine for October 26, 2018

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Oct 26, 2018 6:04:06 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: Gartner's 10 Technology Trends for 2019, The Politics of Legal Tech – Progressives vs Conservatives, Do People Trust Algorithms More Than Companies Realize?, and more...


  1. Over Half of Companies Are Far From GDPR Compliance

    "An IAPP survey found that 56 percent of companies are far from compliant or will never fully comply with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation."  (via

  2. Artificial Intelligence: A Litigator’s New Best Friend?

    "As the ways to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) grow, so do the amount of people implementing this cutting-edge technology to their work.  According to Statista, the rate of adoption is quite high — global revenues from AI for enterprise applications is projected to grow from $1.62B in 2018 to $31.2B in 2025. Its popularity reaches every sector and is substantially affecting the legal space as well."  (via

  3. Gartner's 10 Technology Trends for 2019: The Good, the Obvious and the Missing

    "Gartner believes by 2022, 40% of new application development will involve AI co-developers. This trend is a good callout. Gartner identifies AI services, platforms, frameworks and infrastructure as enablers of applications across domains. " (via

  4. 20 Top Lawyers Were Beaten by Legal AI. Here Are Their Surprising Responses

    "In a landmark study, 20 top US corporate lawyers with decades of experience in corporate law and contract review were pitted against an AI. Their task was to spot issues in five Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), which are a contractual basis for most business deals."  (via

  5. The Politics of Legal Tech – Progressives vs Conservatives

    "We don’t all want the same things when it comes to legal tech. Some people want significant change to the legal market, using tech as a means to help reach the goal of hugely increased access to justice and a reduction in the cost of commercial legal services to businesses. Other people want to maintain the status quo. And others feel that they have to go along with the status quo, against their will, because of the culture of where they work." (via

  6. Stats Canada Requesting Banking Information of 500,000 Canadians Without Their Knowledge

    "Ontario’s former privacy commissioner, Ann Cavoukian, said she was shocked by the initiative and said the ability for a government agency to build a massive database of personal banking information raises serious privacy concerns."  (via

  7. The 2019 Election Will be Held in New Cyber Threat Environment, Are We Ready?

    "The next federal election is exactly a year away, should it happen as scheduled. Politics aside, candidates and those who oversee the campaign are bracing for an altogether different kind of fight. Forget the air war, the 2019 election will increasingly be fought, and potentially won, online." (via

  8. Do People Trust Algorithms More Than Companies Realize?

    "Many companies have jumped on the “big data” bandwagon.  They’re hiring data scientists, mining employee and customer data for insights, and creating algorithms to optimize their recommendations.  Yet, these same companies often assume that customers are wary of their algorithms — and they go to great lengths to hide or humanize them.(via

  9. British Lawtech Entrepreneur launches App That Lets You Swipe Right to ‘Sue Anyone’

    "One of the apps more eye-catching legal features is the ability to bring a small claim for up to $25,000 (£19,000) at the press of a button. According to Browder, the app will generate the legal documents, provide a script to read in court and even develop a strategy if the defendant challenges the claim."  (via

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