Friday Top Nine for October 12, 2018

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Oct 12, 2018 6:06:20 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: 5 Cyber Threats You Should Worry About For Your Business, What Does AI Mean for the Lawyer of the Future?, The Genius of DoNotPay: Giving You What Is Already Yours, and more...


  1. Why I Study ‘Old’ Artificial Intelligence in Law

    "Machine learning, reinforcement learning, these things are all data-based AI. The basic idea of data-based artificial intelligence is that you can use statistics to get a computer to recognize patterns in data. Instead of rules provided by experts, it requires data that it can do a statistical analysis of. My research is into rules-based AI."  (via

  2. 5 Cyber Threats You Should Worry About For Your Business

    "In today’s increasingly digital world, the primary threats that aim to disrupt your business and the businesses of your clients can come from a variety of sources and malicious applications. Below are the five biggest cyber threats that could impact your business—along with how you can protect yourself from each."  (via

  3. What Does AI Mean for the Lawyer of the Future?

    "Whether AI turns out to be 'the best, or worst thing, ever to happen to humanity' like Stephen Hawking imagined, there’s no doubt that it will have a substantial impact on millennial trainees, just as the advent of the email was transformative for the generations of lawyers before them" (via

  4. How Three Waves Of Cybersecurity Innovation Led Us Here

    "We live in a world where it appears to be a matter of when, not if, an enterprise is breached. Billions of dollars have been spent on beefing up cybersecurity, but the bad guys keep winning. Securing even a small organization seems quite hard. How did we get here? Is there hope?"  (via

  5. The Genius of DoNotPay: Giving You What Is Already Yours

    "DoNotPay is important because it has encapsulated not just the idea that people shouldn’t have to pay to access their basic rights, but that it shows the way in terms of dealing with the legal world’s two central problems: it is too expensive for most people to use if they want a lawyer; and it is too complex for most people to use on their own."  (via

  6. U.S. Senators Urge Trudeau to Block Huawei From 5G

    "The chiefs of six U.S. intelligence agencies and three former heads of Canada’s spy services have said publicly they consider Huawei one of the world’s top cyber intelligence threats and that its 5G technology could be used to conduct remote spying, maliciously modify or steal information, or even shut down systems." (via

  7. Five Ways to Improve Your Law Firm’s Database Security

    "The recent past has witnessed an increase in cyber attacks than ever before, which has resulted in losses of billions of dollars across the world. Although it affects nearly every business, law firms are more vulnerable. They are becoming prime targets due to the high level of confidentiality required in handling massive volumes of data." (via

  8. Lawyers and the Changing Legal Industry: Three Traits to Survive and Thrive Over the Long Haul

    " A new generation of buyers is more sophisticated than ever and looks to redefine their own standard of value. Like many industries, the application of advanced technologies creates opportunities to redefine service delivery models. As a result, technology continues to penetrate the industry.(via

  9. Help Your Team Understand What Data Is and Isn’t Good For

    "Leaders today increasingly turn to big data and advanced analytics in hopes of solving their most pressing problems, whether it’s a drop-off of repeat customers, a shift in consumption patterns, or an attempt to reach new markets. The prevailing thought is that more data is better, especially given advancements in tools and technologies such as artificial intelligence and predictive analytics."  (via

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