Friday Top Nine for November 9, 2018

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Nov 9, 2018 5:45:32 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: Are You a Data Security Weak Link?, We Are All Lawyers Now – The Rise of the Legalish, 5 Common Red Flags to Watch Out For When Outsourcing Your Firm IT, and more...


  1. Are You a Data Security Weak Link?

    "Data loss, malware, and hackers, but does your business actually face a threat? What do these risks have to do with me? Sadly, for legal firms and corporate legal departments which handle massive amounts of confidential data, the threat of breach due to human error is ever-present. In fact, this represents the biggest risk to your data and potentially having it exposed. (via

  2. We Are All Lawyers Now – The Rise of the Legalish

    "One of the benefits of automation – our field – is that it helps ensure precision and consistency.  This is one reason why it naturally suits legalish work where those doing the work may have little or no legal training."  (via

  3. The State Of IoT Intelligence, 2018

    "The data reflects how IoT early adopters quickly become more conversant in emerging technologies with the goal of achieving exponential scale across analytics and IoT platforms." (via

  4. Privacy-Breach Class Actions May See an Uptick

    "Some lawyers are expecting that new mandatory breach reporting under Canada’s privacy legislation may result in an increase in the number of privacy class actions, which are still in their relative infancy and continue to evolve."  (via

  5. The Law Firm Disrupted: The Culture Struggle Is Worth Talking About

    "The primary barrier to change within law firms isn't technology, it's people. So how can law firms get partners to do things differently?" (via

  6. 12 'Best Practices' IT Should Avoid At All Costs

    "From telling everyone they're your customer to establishing a cloud strategy, these "industry best practices" are sure to sink your chances of IT success."  (via

  7. 4 Barriers Blocking Access to Justice (and How to Help Break Them)

    "Although billions of dollars of work is performed by millions of professionals in the legal industry every year, there remains an undeniable gap in access to justice across demographics in the United States. At Relativity Fest, a panel of professionals from both sides of the bench convened to discuss this important issue and how legal experts of all kinds can help close that gap." (via

  8. 5 Common Red Flags to Watch Out For When Outsourcing Your Firm IT

    "As lawyers add more technology to their practice, their requirements for IT support increase in complexity. IT providers are quite eager to offer their services, but how do you know if they’re the right company for you? (via

  9. Tips For Staying Safe in Today's Constantly Evolving Threat Landscape

    "It’s almost 2019. And the hard truth is that every company operating in the digital space, regardless of size, industry, or geographic location, is vulnerable to a cyber-attack. You may think your business is safe if it doesn’t have a large digital footprint, but any footprint at all makes it a target for some of the world’s smartest, and most insidious, criminals."  (via

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