Friday Top Nine for November 23, 2018

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Nov 23, 2018 6:15:02 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: It’s Black Friday, Let’s Talk About Cybersecurity, Musings of a Legal Tech Founder, 16 Time-Saving Tips for IT Leaders, and more...


  1. Gone Phishing: It’s Black Friday, Let’s Talk About Cybersecurity

    "Black Friday is fertile phishing ground for cybercriminals, with the usual dubious email scams, as well as rogue advertisements and “offers” spread through social media to glean personal data from thrifty consumers."(via

  2. Musings of a Legal Tech Founder: On Investment + Law Firm Adoption

    "Contrary to popular belief, lawyers aren’t mutated Homo Sapiens satisfied with a life experienced under fluorescent lights, glued to monitors. They hate wasting time; they hate missing holidays w/ kids; they want to go home, like everyone else. (via

  3. 16 Time-Saving Tips for IT Leaders

    "Want to maximize the time your organization spends on transformational initiatives? Here’s how to eliminate time-wasting practices and streamline how work gets done."  (via

  4. How Law Firms Can Benefit from Artificial Intelligence

    "Artificial intelligence (AI) has trickled into every aspect of our existence, significantly impacting how we live, work, and communicate. Perhaps the biggest value added of new and improved technology is the convenience it creates. Using a machine to complete a labor-intensive task frees a lawyer from the most tedious or mundane tasks and permits the lawyer to focus on analysis, counseling, and advocacy." (via

  5. State Of AI In The Enterprise, 2018

    "63% of enterprises have adopted machine learning, making this category the most popular of all AI technologies in 2018."  (via

  6. 5 Concepts That Will Help Your Team Be More Data-Driven

    "...lack of talent makes it harder for companies to leverage their data, to take full advantage of their data scientists, and to get in front of data quality issues. Lack of talent breeds fear, exacerbating difficulties in adopting a data-driven culture. And so forth, in a vicious cycle." (via

  7. You Think Legal Education Can’t Change? 8 Innovative Ideas from Law Schools

    "Over the past several years, a number of law schools have answered the call to become more technology-savvy and forward-thinking, introducing topics like data security, e-discovery, and even the blockchain and artificial intelligence into their class offerings. This new focus extends outside the immediate classroom as well, with law schools looking to hold events like hackathons and change the nature of legal research, access to justice and more."  (via

  8. Ontario's Privacy Commissioner Co-Sponsors Declaration on AI Ethics, Data Protection

    "Canada’s federal privacy commissioner has co-sponsored an international declaration calling for ethical data collection and stewardship principles to be established to govern the research and development of artificial intelligence (AI)." (via

  9. Thanksgiving Recipes for the Relativity Community

    "This Thanksgiving, we asked the solutions specialists on the Relativity customer success team to provide their favorite recipes. Each provided two. One is a workflow recipe designed to solve a common e-discovery task, and we hope it gets you home on time to follow the other: a recipe for a dish sure to win over the family and friends gathered around your table."  (via

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