Friday Top Nine for March 9, 2018

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Mar 9, 2018 5:22:51 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: An AI ‘Spell-Check for Lawyers,’ But Will They Trust It?, Telecommuting Productivity and Security, Humans Wanted: Big Law Needs People to Make AI Work, and more...


  1. An AI ‘Spell-Check for Lawyers,’ But Will They Trust It?

    "A company called LawGeex commissioned a study matching up human lawyers against artificial intelligence to read and review non-disclosure agreements. The robots won."  (via

  2. 3 Ways e-Discovery Teams Can Spot Spring on Its Way

    "At the beginning of each project, as the production deadlines close in and opposing counsel’s documents start piling up, you might feel intimidated by another season of stress. Even though you’ve done it dozens or even hundreds of times before, managing this case seems nerve-wracking. You might think, “Surely this is the most difficult project we’ve had in ages!” In the middle of it, you might forget what it’s like to eat lunch somewhere other than your desk. You might be resigned to simply feeling tense for the rest of your career. But you won’t always feel that way. The sun will come out." (via

  3. Telecommuting Productivity and Security

    "More than half—57%—of law firms offered telecommuting options for their attorneys in 2016, up nearly 4% from the previous year, according to results of a survey of firms that represented more than 18,000 lawyers. This growing trend is perhaps not surprising considering that lawyers can now be more productive than ever before while working from home or another location.(via

  4. Adapting To The New State Of The Legal Market – And Why You Can’t Afford Not To

    "Embracing change will allow firms to more effectively compete and be better positioned to take hold of the marketplace that typically seeks alternative legal services."  (via

  5. Canadian Government Pitches $500 Million Cyber Security Plan

    "The Government of Canada's Communications Security Establishment, the country’s electronic spy agency, will play a key role in a new strategy to combat cyber crime and protect networks."  (via

  6. Humans Wanted: Big Law Needs People to Make AI Work

    "Law firms looking at artificial intelligence and other technology solutions can expect to make a big investment in the humans to implement it."  (via

  7. Be a Hero: Be a Mentor

    "In this age of electronic information, mentorship is an oft-overlooked component of professional development. Six lawyers explain how a personal connection can make a world of difference in your career." (via

  8. eDiscovery in the #MeToo Era

    "If your organization is struck by an accusation of workplace harassment or other misconduct, your ediscovery response is critical. Your HR department is likely to be responsible for gathering any relevant workplace electronically stored information (ESI) for potential lawsuits and investigations. Will you know what to look for, where to look and who to ask?" (via

  9. Microsoft Cloud Helping Partners Scale, Target Specific Sectors

    "Cloud is the underlying capability that supports the digital transformation everyone is chasing... and on the heels of the company’s strong 2018 second quarter results, which saw Azure revenue grow 98 per cent and server products and cloud services revenue grow by 18 per cent, the company will continue to help customers not only adopt, but successfully scale, their cloud platforms." (via

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