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Friday Top Nine for March 23, 2018

Posted by Marketing

Mar 23, 2018 5:42:41 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: How Blockchain Could Have Prevented the Facebook Data Breach, Why 'Suits' Falls Flat on eDiscovery, This A.I. Robot Lawyer Guarantees you the Absolute Cheapest Airfares, and more...


  1. The Six Data Privacy Principles of the GDPR

    "Data privacy and personal data breaches have been in the news a lot recently. Over the past few years, companies have been collecting and processing ever-increasing amounts of data about their customers, employees, and users. As personal data becomes more valuable, governments around the world have begun the debate surrounding whether this data collection should be limited in favor of individuals’ fundamental right to privacy."  (via

  2. How Blockchain Could Have Prevented the Facebook Data Breach

    "Cambridge Analytica couldn’t have misused the data of Facebook users if it was instead stored in a permission-based decentralized blockchain, agree three CEOs." (via

  3. Why 'Suits' Falls Flat on eDiscovery

    " The funny thing is that “e-discovery” pretty much never comes up in Suits. You know what does? Plain old paper 'discovery.' Pearson Specter Litt—the law firm at the center of the show—is at least once compared to a real Am Law 100 firm in terms of size, and given that nearly every Am Law 200 firm is using an e-discovery platform, it seems like an oversight to leave out this aspect of legal proceedings. After all, it’s a critical component of exactly the types of civil suits Harvey Specter and the fraudulent Mike Ross tackle every day.(via

  4. This A.I. Robot Lawyer Guarantees you the Absolute Cheapest Airfares

    "When it comes to getting affordable airfares, price comparison websites are all well and good, but they don’t really address the fact that prices are constantly changing. That means that, while you may have gotten the cheapest flight from Los Angeles to New York at 10 o’clock on the Wednesday when you booked it, there’s no guarantee that it’s still going to be the cheapest flight closer to the time of departure. That’s where an amazing new A.I. comes into play. "  (via

  5. How Cybersecurity Risk Affects the Bottom Line

    "Law firms and attorneys know that the likelihood of a cyber-attack is high and acknowledge that the industry is under siege from cybercriminals. Nothing affects a law firm’s bottom line more than lost billable hours, but there are also the financial and reputational implications that can result from a breach. Yet, as firms continue to focus on defending their clients in the courtroom, protecting client data often takes a back seat."  (via

  6. Legal Transformation Requires More Than Tech

    "Technology alone will not transform law. Nor will it marginalize lawyers. Transformation will be driven by lawyers and other professionals, paraprofessionals, investors, and consumers committed to improving legal access and delivery. A  new paradigm for integrating legal, technological, and process expertise is emerging to counter law's strong headwinds—its culture, values, buy/sell dynamic, excessive risk-aversion, and focus on precedent, not improvement and outcome."  (via

  7. Proposed Changes to Canadian Privacy Laws Influenced by Changes Coming From EU

    "Recommendations from a Parliamentary committee to strengthen the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and give more power to the federal privacy commissioner are likely being driven by privacy requirements coming into effect in Europe." (via

  8. What Amazon Echo And Google Home Do With Your Voice Data

    "Amazon Echo and Google Home—and other devices that have Alexa and Google Assistant built in—are some of the most promising new technologies to come along in years. And they’re genuinely useful to have around, whether it’s to settle a bet or help out with a recipe. But it can also feel a little creepy to have a speaker in your house that’s always listening. What exactly is it doing with that info? Where does it go?" (via

  9. The Best Way to Network in a New Job

    "Anyone who hopes to hit the ground running in a new organization must first cultivate allies—a network of people who can provide the information, resources and support needed to succeed. But few onboarding programs offer concrete advice on how to build those all-important connections." (via

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