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Friday Top Nine for March 16, 2018

Posted by Marketing

Mar 16, 2018 6:01:13 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: How We Can Include More Women in Canadian Tech, Virtual Reality is Coming to a Courtroom Near You, 18 Millennials Changing the Face of Legal Tech, and more...


  1. How We Can Include More Women in Canadian Tech

    "A company called LawGeex commissioned a study matching up human lawyers against artificial intelligence to read and review non-disclosure agreements. The robots won."  (via

  2. Adjusting to Changing Times in eDiscovery

    "Whether you’re marveling at just how much difference one hour can make, marking your calendar to prepare for the change in your region, or joining a proverbial (or literal) picket to demand more consistent time-keeping, don’t forget to make the right adjustments to your work habits in addition to your internal and physical clocks." (via

  3. Virtual Reality is Coming to a Courtroom Near You

    "Will lawyers soon be arguing their cases in a virtual courtroom, perhaps from their living room or a distant tropical island, untethered by a physical location? While that may seem like a distant sci-fi future, virtual reality is no longer fiction, as some technologically savvy legal educators outlined in a panel discussion at the ABA Techshow in Chicago yesterday.(via

  4. Blockchain: Are You Ready For Cross-Industry Disruption?

    "Blockchain technology seeks to radically change the way we manage transactions. As explained in another article, the recent hype of blockchain is now turning into real-world disruptive technology. Many industries are still in the proof of concept stage, but there has been a definite increase in the adoption of the blockchain technology."  (via

  5. Putting People at the Heart of Big Data

    "Big data has given scientists – and companies – a treasure trove of new information for analysing, understanding and predicting human behaviour, but it’s also thrown up a raft of questions about privacy and ownership."  (via

  6. 18 Millennials Changing the Face of Legal Tech

    "With the rise of innovation comes a whole new legion of Millennial legal technologists looking to shape, shake up, and ultimately disrupt old habits in the practice of law. These eighteen young leaders are hoping to make their respective marks on the legal industry in the new few years."  (via

  7. Facebook, WhatsApp Fined by Spain for Failure to Obtain Consent

    "The Spanish agency said WhatsApp failed to meet Spanish and European privacy standards when it transferred user data to Facebook without obtaining user consent. Facebook subsequently violated privacy law by using this data for its own means without user permission, the agency said." (via

  8. Canada’s Privacy Commissioner Wants To Limit Data Collection In National Security Bill

    "Canada’s Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien has once again written recommendations to the House’s Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security challenging the types of information that should be made accessible to Canadian intelligence agencies." (via

  9. The Electronic Signature Paradox

    "It’s estimated that electronic signatures are used to settle 700 million transactions annually. DocuSign alone boasts 200 million users, adding 300,000 users every day, including most of the top financial, insurance, medical supply, and pharmaceutical companies. But how many attorney-managed transactions are closed using electronic signatures? " (via

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