Friday Top Nine for June 21, 2019

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Jun 21, 2019 5:48:55 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: Emerging Security Threats at the Half-Year Mark, Robot Lawyers Are Overrated: Here’s The Lowdown On The AI Tools Your Firm Really Needs, How to Reduce the Complexities of Change In Digital Transformation, and more...


  1. Emerging Security Threats at the Half-Year Mark

    "We’ve hit the halfway mark of 2019, and I’m sure that we have all noticed some interesting happenings in the cybersecurity world. I’d like to highlight a few that I’ve found interesting, but also disturbing – and I am sure that there are several others not mentioned here that others might rank higher on their personal list.(via

  2. Connecting the Dots Between eDiscovery, Information Governance, and Cybersecurity

    "When suspecting a potential data breach, companies often seek a cybersecurity expert to mitigate their risk. Similarly, a company facing a lawsuit will often use an e-discovery expert to help them find “truth” among the competing facts and disparate allegations in the case. " (via

  3. Robot Lawyers Are Overrated: Here’s The Lowdown On The AI Tools Your Firm Really Needs

    "It's worth your time to investigate AI software since there are tools already available that have the potential to save your firm time and money."  (via

  4. Upskill Litigation Support Managers to Add Value Firm-Wide

    "Litigation management requires a unique skill set that is tailor-made to prepare litigation support managers and litigation project managers to work across multiple practice areas. These skill sets can be broken down and applied to other practice areas to deliver more value to the firm." (via

  5. Apple is Making Corporate ‘BYOD’ Programs Less Invasive to User Privacy

    "According to Apple, when both users’ and IT’s needs are in balance, users are more likely to accept a corporate “bring your own device” (BYOD) program — something that can ultimately save the business money that doesn’t have to be invested in hardware purchases.(via

  6. How to Reduce the Complexities of Change In Digital Transformation

    "This degree of change is so difficult to work through and accommodate because it's so far reaching, so deep and broad, and there will be resistance. The complexity of the interrelated nature of the change is why digital transformation take so long to complete." (via

  7. Amazon to Let Alexa Users Delete Voice Commands in Privacy Push

    " Inc. is updating its Alexa voice software to let users delete recordings of their voice using a spoken command, a move that follows criticism of the company’s privacy practices related to its digital assistant."  (via

  8. 6 AI Technologies Changing Project Management

    "As it turns out, e-discovery is not so far off from the things you encounter each and every day … sort of. Let’s take a deeper look at the e-discovery process and see where it fits in to the familiar trappings of your life." (via

  9. Shouldering More Work, In-House Becomes Selective with Tech Adoption

    "A new survey indicates that organizations are wielding tech in an effort to bolster productivity as more legal work is kept in-house. But don't expect companies to drastically increase their technology spend over the next year." (via

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