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Friday Top Nine for June 15, 2018

Posted by Marketing

Jun 15, 2018 5:06:38 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: Machine Learning Can Save Your Life, Global Cybersecurity: Do we Need More Law?, For Kids Getting Busted for Running Lemonade Stands Without Permits, These Guys are Here to Help, and more...


  1. Amazon Facing Questions From U.S. Senators About Echo Privacy

    " Inc. is facing questions from U.S. lawmakers about consumer privacy regarding its popular voice-activated Echo speakers, after an incident last month when an Oregon couple’s conversation was recorded by their device and sent to an acquaintance without their knowledge."  (via

  2. New Report Shows Progress in Securing Corporate Knowledge Assets

    "A new report from the Ponemon Institute and Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton shows that organizations have deeper understandings and stronger responses to corporate data security." (via

  3. Machine Learning Can Save Your Life – Here's How

    "Being in ediscovery, you probably know machine learning for its impacts on review speed and cost. However, there are—dare we say—more exciting and groundbreaking ways it’s being used outside our industry. Here are the top three." (via

  4. Veteran Judges say Young Lawyers Lack Mentoring, Courtroom Experience

    "Retired judges Dennis O’Connor and Thomas Cromwell say that, for young lawyers, mentorship is in short supply, cases are more complex and the bench has 'softened' as the new generation of judges includes fewer 'tyrants' like those with whom they dealt early in their careers.(via

  5. Global Cybersecurity: Do we Need More Law?

    "Cyberthreats are in the top three of global threats reported by the World Economic Forum, and are becoming more frequent and more disruptive. However, McCarney is optimistic. She argues that the myriad of treaties, conventions, standards and norms that make up the international rules-based order we rely on to govern trade, foreign policy, commerce and war are more than sufficient to govern cybercrime and cybersecurity issues too.(via

  6. Behavior is the Hardest Part of Information Governance

    "The traditional tools of a compliance program are monitoring and auditing. Essentially, these methods take note of compliance after the fact. In order to improve compliance rates, law firms should better incorporate the behavior of individuals who will be subject to these policies and processes from the outset.(via

  7. 3 Ways the ‘AI Leader of the Year’ is Using Data for Good

    "When Victor Anjos co-founded Data for Good in Toronto, he probably only dreamed that the not-for-profit could use data to help feed more hungry people, to warn about potential genocide, or to raise money to research a cure for cancer. Five years later, it’s done all of those things and so much more." (via

  8. For Kids Getting Busted for Running Lemonade Stands Without Permits, These Guys are Here to Help

    "Country Time Lemonade is creating a team to help pay fines and permits for kids nationwide who want to run their own lemonade stands. And in the spirit of the drink's name, they're calling their initiative Legal-Ade." (via

  9. Billable Hour ‘Makes No Sense’ in an AI World

    "Because software marketed by information and technology companies is increasingly making it unnecessary to ask a lawyer for information regarding statutes, regulations, and requirements, 'clients are not going to pay for time,'...they will pay for a lawyer’s 'judgment, empathy, creativity, adaptability, and emotional intelligence.'" (via

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