Friday Top Nine for June 14, 2019

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Jun 14, 2019 5:50:13 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: More Than 23 Million People Have Used the World's Most Hackable Password, The 5 Things You Need to Create a Culture of Innovation, How Lawtech Looked in the 90s, and more...


  1. More Than 23 Million People Have Used the World's Most Hackable Password

    "Despite annual warnings on the dangers of weak passwords, 23.2 million user accounts hacked worldwide used the password “123456," according to data provided to the U.K. government’s National Cyber Security Center. (via

  2. CIOs Must Play a Key Role in Ecosystem Strategies

    "Ecosystems have evolved as a method to bring new digital capabilities, among others, to businesses. As such, CIOs should have a strategic role in developing them.(via

  3. The 5 Things You Need to Create a Culture of Innovation

    "By embracing the idea that an innovation must be Meaningful Unique and engaging in a rigorous process that measures this, organizations can then ground their processes and outcomes in factual evidence."  (via

  4. Email Security Tips for Lawyers

    "The importance of keeping a client’s information secure isn’t lost on most professionals, but many may not know how to make this happen in practice." (via

  5. I’m a Judge. Here’s How Surveillance Is Challenging Our Legal System.

    "Prosecutors have stepped into the void left by Congress’s failure to say how far the police can go in using investigative technology."  (via

  6. How Lawtech Looked in the 90s

    "Be aware what you’re entering into. You’re entering into a legal profession at a time of change, so you need to be aware of that and how it will impact the role. Law firms are interested in candidates that understand legal innovation and might want to get involved in their innovation hubs, not to code but to work with tech specialists to develop new innovations." (via

  7. Global Regulatory Policies are ‘10 Innovation Cycles’ Behind

    "The regulatory environment that’s supposed to enable the innovation and security is probably 10 innovation cycles late."  (via

  8. 5 Everyday Things e-Discovery Is (and Isn't) Like

    "As it turns out, e-discovery is not so far off from the things you encounter each and every day … sort of. Let’s take a deeper look at the e-discovery process and see where it fits in to the familiar trappings of your life." (via

  9. When Employees Are Using Software That IT Hasn’t Approved

    "Digital transformation that starts in the CEO office often turns into a mega project that everyone has to be a part of. The trouble with this is that mega projects take a long time to deliver, and by the time they do deliver, what they provide may well be obsolete. Meanwhile, out on the front lines, real managers need something they can use today in order to defend the business." (via

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