Friday Top Nine for July 6, 2018

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Jul 6, 2018 1:19:11 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: How to Make Your Digitally Savvy Lawyer Happy (and Productive), Artificial Intelligence Use Cases for Lawyers, The Surprising Dangers of Going Paperless, and more...


  1. Legal Tech in 2018: Threats and Opportunities

    "The traditionally cautious legal sector was a relatively late adopter of technology, but this is changing."  (via

  2. How to Make Your Digitally Savvy Lawyer Happy (and Productive)

    " is no wonder that when new digitally savvy lawyers join law firms today, getting them to adopt many of these firms’ existing document management systems (DMS) or other applications can be a struggle. Unless the applications provide the same mobile, intuitive, smart and collaborative user experience of the consumer applications today’s legal professionals have grown up with, they will most likely be hesitant to use them to their full potential, if at all."  (via

  3. Space…The Final Legal Frontier… for Global Law Firm Dentons

    "Stardate: 20180706. Global law firm, Dentons, has begun a long term mission to explore space tech and meet new entrepreneurs – to boldly go where no law firm has gone before." (via

  4. Why Women Leave

    "Law firms haven't figured out how to retain and promote women. The market is taking notice."  (via

  5. Artificial Intelligence Use Cases for Lawyers

    "Microsoft Corporation’s Dennis Garcia discusses the opportunities for Artificial Intelligence systems to enable lawyers to stop doing repetitive, repeatable and mundane legal work that can free up time to perform more valuable work for their clients and practice law at a “higher level.”"  (via

  6. 72 Hours: How a Data Breach Response Plan Can Help You Meet the GDPR Notification Deadline

    "What does an organization need to do to report a data breach within this 72-hour window? Overwhelmed or not, enterprises must adapt to the reality of this tight deadline and have a plan in place to meet it in the event of data compromise."  (via

  7. Former Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin Appointed to Highest Honour of Order of Canada

    "McLachlin, Canada’s longest-serving chief justice and first woman in the role, received the honour for her work and 'prodigious' influence on the nation’s legal landscape.(via

  8. The Surprising Dangers of Going Paperless 

    "Since trading in bankers boxes for iPads, we don’t get nearly as much exercise. The last-minute dash to court, litigation cart in tow with five boxes stacked on it, was (according to our Fitbits) a peak-heart-rate workout. What are we supposed to do now — get gym memberships?" (via

  9. How Mature Is Your eDiscovery Strategy?

    "Today, we share findings about the traits that set mature e-discovery teams apart from the rest. The findings may help you decide where to focus your efforts to evolve." (via

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