Friday Top Nine for July 5, 2019

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Jul 5, 2019 5:53:37 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: What an IT Career Will Look Like in 5 Years, What Does 2019 Hold for Legal AI?, Meet Hemingway: The Artificial Intelligence Robot That Can Copy Your Handwriting, and more...


  1. What it Takes to Win the Tour de France (and eDiscovery)

    "Modern e-discovery has become endlessly analogous with the Tour de France. In the Tour, the victory is officially given to the individual rider—but culturally, the win is also attributed to behind-the-scenes teams. The effectiveness of the entire team is dependent on the application of technology and increasing innovation. Sound familiar?(via

  2. Four Ways Law Firms Can Safeguard Sensitive Client Data

    "To say that law firms handle a lot of data would be an understatement. Firms must manage case information, communication records, and myriad documents shared with courthouses, notaries, and other legal entities. It’s almost impossible to conceptualize the physical space that would be required to hold this immense amount of documentation." (via

  3. What an IT Career Will Look Like in 5 Years

    "Emerging technologies and shifting workplace demands are reshaping the IT career horizon. Here are the changes experts see unfolding for IT roles and how IT work gets done."  (via

  4. Data Compliance Goes Global

    "You just have to have a finger on the pulse — not only of what the law says now. You really have to have a sense of where it’s going because your product teams don’t really appreciate having to revisit decisions that you made six months ago just because a new law just came into effect." (via

  5. What Does 2019 Hold for Legal AI?

    "We have now arrived at the fourth tier of machine learning, where the machine is able to make informed suggestions based on lawyers’ interactions with documents—this is a clear step forward from the rigid, rules-based functions of older legal AI tools."  (via

  6. Sidewalk Labs Decision to Offload Tough Decisions on Privacy to Third Party is Wrong

    "Details around the security infrastructure protecting Toronto’s neighborhood of the future are vague, but the MIDP does point to the use of software-defined networks across the smart city as a means to provide the area with greater coverage across waterfront as well as heightened security." (via

  7. Meet Hemingway: The Artificial Intelligence Robot That Can Copy Your Handwriting

    "Not only can Hemingway write faster than a human, in one example completing the sample text provided in 2 minutes that took the human who provided it 15, it’s also surprisingly accurate."  (via

  8. How Wimbledon and Watson are using AI to curate video highlights

    "For the past six years, IBM has lent its Watson AI smarts to all manner of applications, but more recently it has been ramping up Watson’s use at Wimbledon, where it helps capture all the best bits of each game and package them as highlights within two minutes of a match ending, updating what had been a labor-intensive manual effort." (via

  9. Firms Continue to Hunt for Artificial Intelligence Talent

    "Tech giants are far from the only companies hiring workers with data science skills. Employers in fields as diverse as media, finance and medicine are searching for machine learning engineers to help transform and enhance their product offerings." (via

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