Friday Top Nine for July 20, 2018

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Jul 20, 2018 5:07:48 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: Legal Tech in 2018: Threats and Opportunities, This 'Serial Entrepreneur' Thinks Finding a Lawyer Can Be as Easy as Hailing an Uber, Law Firms Climb Aboard the AI Wagon, and more...


  1. Legal Tech in 2018: Threats and Opportunities

    "Many law firms were resistant to using email even into the mid-2000s. Now, lawyers are reaping the rewards of investing in: automation tools which have reduced administrative costs; cloud solutions which have enabled agile working; and AI research tools which have introduced efficiencies and competitive advantages."  (via

  2. Here Are 10 Industries Blockchain Is Likely To Disrupt

    "You’ve probably heard that blockchain technology is going to revolutionize… fill in the blank. But what actually is it and how is it going to disrupt these industries?"  (via

  3. Common Types of Encryption: What Lawyers Need to Know

    "You probably keep your valuables under lock and key to keep them safe, but do you take the same care with your clients’ digital information?" (via

  4. Hacked Passwords Being Used In Blackmail Attempt — Expect More Of This

    "People are falling for this extortion. Don't be one of them."  (via

  5. This 'Serial Entrepreneur' Thinks Finding a Lawyer Can Be as Easy as Hailing an Uber

    "Alternative legal services providers (ALSPs) have taken hits from state bar associations in recent months, battling allegations that the ways they operate violate rules of professional conduct (RPCs)."  (via

  6. Cybersecurity Is A Crucial Objective; Not All C-Level Execs Know That

    "A vulnerable framework is not only a security risk but also a major business liability. However, upcoming cyberattacks and network bugs are set to get even worse because, as a recent survey by Americas' SAP Users' Group has found, cybersecurity is still not a major concern or skill among C-level executives, especially the non-technical leaders."  (via

  7. Lawmakers Urge FCC to Fight Robocalls With Phone Number Database

    "Companies sometimes inadvertently autodial or robotext consumers without their permission because the previous holder of the number gave consent. Unsolicited robocalls can open businesses up to litigation.(via

  8. Law Firms Climb Aboard the AI Wagon

    "Some tech firms are aiming at full disintermediation, developing “robot lawyers” to deal with certain tasks. LISA, a British AI tool, helps people draw up non-disclosure agreements, removing the need for expensive human lawyers to be apprised of confidential (and perhaps embarrassing) details. Others aim to help people appeal against parking tickets or draw up rental leases without incurring legal expenses." (via

  9. US Survey Finds Big Legal Tech Knowledge Gap Among Lawyers

    "A survey conducted by Ari Kaplan Advisors ahead of the launch of a new Business of Law Institute at the New York Law School has found that US lawyers have significant knowledge gaps around legal tech and tend to see the subject through the prism of security and the need to understand eDiscovery, rather than focus on more strategic tech issues." (via

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