Friday Top Nine for July 19, 2019

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Jul 19, 2019 5:18:06 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: Life After Artificial Intelligence, The Risky Business of Document Sharing, Digital Doesn’t Have to Be Disruptive, and more...


  1. Modern Emoting: The Emoji in eDiscovery

    "On the technology side, modern e-discovery platforms are more than capable of ingesting, displaying, and helping you understand the communications in which emojis appear most. Known as “short messages,” these data formats include text messages, collaboration tool archives, and chat logs.(via

  2. Preparing for the Inevitable Hack

    "n 2019’s online environment, experts in cybersecurity say businesses that handle personal information need to know that protecting themselves from liability is not a matter of if a data breach occurs but when." (via

  3. Why Your Company Needs Compliance Training in 2019

    "Training must be tailored and sustained to allow employees to develop a set of skills enabling them to act in the right way and make the right decisions when faced with difficult dilemmas. But how do you make sure that employees are truly engaged and adopt the values and messages conveyed in practice? Here are a few tips to use along the way."  (via

  4. Life After Artificial Intelligence

    "AI stands to be the most radically transformative technology ever developed by humankind. What hypothetical situations are looming right around the corner as AI technology rises?" (via

  5. Can we Learn to Trust Artificial Intelligence Systems?

    "Artificial intelligence is the fourth revolution. It will [bring about a] redistribution of wealth and power. It will challenge the conception of [what] it is like to be human."  (via

  6. The Risky Business of Document Sharing

    "How many emails have you sent or received in the past week? How many times have you shared a document through a thumb drive? Or how many documents have you shared through a consumer file sharing service? Whether you know it or not, all of these document sharing methods place you or your firm at risk." (via

  7. Viral Photo Editor Behind all Those Aging Celeb Photos is Raising Privacy Concerns

    "The app, which offers a range of facial image manipulations from adding facial hair to changing genders and age, has terms of use that include granting the rights to reproduce, modify, publish and share photos and other user content."  (via

  8. Digital Doesn’t Have to Be Disruptive

    " technology is no longer in the cordoned-off domain of IT; it is being applied to almost every part of a company’s value chain. Thus it’s entirely understandable that managers struggle to grasp what digital transformation actually means for them in terms of which opportunities to pursue and which initiatives to prioritize." (via

  9. A.I. has a Bias Problem and That can be a Big Challenge in Cybersecurity

    "A biased program may end up focusing on the wrong priorities and could miss the real threats..." (via

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