Friday Top Nine for July 12, 2019

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Jul 12, 2019 5:07:53 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: What AI-Driven Decision Making Looks Like, Digital Privacy and Your Devices, Passwords 101: How They're Hacked and Why Longer is Better, and more...


  1. The Smart Cities Challenge

    "Setting her sights on Toronto’s Quayside plan to convert 12 acres of former industrial and docking land into a community that is connected from the ground up, Ann Cavoukian envisions a “smart city of privacy, not a smart city of surveillance.(via

  2. How to Better Integrate IT Security and IT Strategy

    "Organizations see a future in which IT security is deeply woven into their overall IT strategy. Here’s how they plan to get there." (via

  3. How Crowdfunding Can Revolutionize Access to Justice

    "The concept of crowdfunding is based on the idea that it’s easier to get a lot of people to give a little than it is to get a few people to give a lot. Crowdfunding is not a new concept, but it wasn’t until relatively recently that it entered the cultural zeitgeist in so profound a fashion."  (via

  4. Top 9 Ways Artificial Intelligence Prevents Fraud

    "Rule-based engines and simple predictive models could identify the majority of fraud attempts in the past, yet they aren’t keeping up with the scale and severity of fraud attempts today. " (via

  5. All Eyes on You: Digital Privacy and Your Devices

    "What rights and privacy do you have when it comes to geotracking data on smartwatches, fitness trackers, and of course cellphones? "  (via

  6. British Airways Faces US$229 Million Fine Over Breach of Customers' Data

    "British Airways is facing a US$229 million fine over a breach that compromised information on half a million customers -- the biggest penalty to date under new, tougher regulations and one that is likely to be seen as a test case for companies that fail to secure big data caches." (via

  7. Passwords 101: How They're Hacked and Why Longer is Better

    "In most cases, an attacker has gotten their hands on your password hash and not your password in plain, readable text. So what does that mean, and how can you take advantage of hashing to protect your data?"  (via

  8. What AI-Driven Decision Making Looks Like

    "Many companies have adapted to a “data-driven” approach for operational decision-making. Data can improve decisions, but it requires the right processor to get the most from it. Many people assume that processor is human. The term “data-driven” even implies that data is curated by — and summarized for — people to process." (via

  9. How In-House Counsel can Attract Diverse Talent

    "In-house counsel have the opportunity to lead the legal industry in promoting diversity and inclusion. While the focus in the last few years has been to push external counsel to have more diverse legal teams, legal departments still have work to do as well. In-house counsel need to go further, leading by example and hiring more diverse lawyers internally." (via

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