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Friday Top Nine for January 5, 2018

Posted by Marketing

Jan 5, 2018 5:06:51 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: The Legal Technology Word of the Year, Three Common Cybersecurity Mistakes that Could Get You in Trouble, Top Cyber Security Predictions for 2018 and more...


  1. Communication Important for Good eDiscovery

    "When it comes to e-discovery, Ontario’s Rules of Civil Procedure make having a discovery plan mandatory. Lawyers say that what makes a good discovery plan is good communication and the sense of proportionality to the volume of documents being produced." (via

  2. And The Legal Technology Word Of The Year Is...

    "A year ago, no one in the legal profession was talking about this. It was a word few lawyers knew. Now, it's taking the legal profession by storm."  (via

  3. GDPR Training Essential for Compliance

    "Traditionally the weight of data privacy regulatory compliance is balanced across the Information Security Office, the Data Privacy Office, Compliance, and Legal but for organizations to be successful and avoid penalties under GDPR, all employees need to understand both the requirements and potential implications.(via

  4. Three Common Cybersecurity Mistakes that Could Get You in Trouble

    "The Panama Papers scandal, the security breach of two prominent New York law firms, and other recent breaches and hacks have moved cybersecurity to the top of most law firms priority lists. However, today’s security environment is complex, and many law firms seeking to implement or update their cybersecurity policies often make mistakes that increase the likelihood of a successful attack or the damage caused by such an attack." (via

  5. Top Cyber Security Predictions for 2018

    "A new year always brings predictions. When it comes to cyber security, the over-arching prediction from experts is that threats will only get more complex. That means the security team will have to be even sharper than they were in 2017."  (via

  6. Boniferro is Ontario's next deputy attorney general

    "McCarthy Tétrault LLP lawyer Paul Boniferro is taking on the role of deputy attorney general of Ontario effective Jan. 3, 2018 for a two-year term."  (via

  7. Artificial Intelligence Takes the Drudgery out of Legal Work

    "For years, budding airplane pilots and race-car drivers have been able to strap themselves into virtual simulators to test their respective skills and odds of real-world success. But what about lawyers?"  (via

  8. How to Manage Technology Change in a Law Firm

    "The way to help yourself here is to let others help you. The reason your staff isn’t buying into your technology change process is that they’re not at all involved in it. This is a general problem for law firms, which can be bad at onboarding generally, but, in this case, it’s fatal to your efforts to upgrade your firm’s efficiency." (via

  9. 'Too Juicy a Target for Hackers': Experts Advise Precautions with Digital Assistants

    "Security hacks are not the only concern stemming from the Amazon, Google and Apple devices bought and received by millions over the holiday season.(via

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