Friday Top Nine for January 4, 2019

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Jan 4, 2019 6:37:45 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: 31 Tech Predictions for 2019, CIOs Lead Digital Transformation Efforts Into 2019, 15 IT Resolutions for 2019, and more...


  1. 31 Tech Predictions for 2019

    "Predicting the future is hardly an exact science, but when you watch an industry closely it is possible to identify trends and chart a course for where things are likely headed. Here are predictions made by 31 successful executives who believe they can see what will be different in 2019.(via

  2. Six Strategies to Safeguard Your Mobile Data

    "Mobility is a key factor in attorneys’ collective quest to boost efficiency, billable hours and client service. Although about 66% of lawyers have a traditional “brick and mortar” law office, most spend an increasing amount of time working outside of it. (via

  3. Microsoft is Testing a 'Data Bank' That Gives Users Control Over Their Personal Information

    "2018 was the year that people's data and the way companies protect it was thrown under the spotlight. It’s now been discovered that Microsoft is working on a project that will give users control over the information that is collected about them."  (via

  4. CIOs Lead Digital Transformation Efforts Into 2019

    "Most organizations that identify as pursuing digital transformation are reporting a positive return on investment, and those efforts are most often being led by CIOs, according to a new study from analyst firm Constellation Research Inc." (via

  5. Top 10 ‘New Rules’ For 2019

    "In the spirit of the New Year, it seems appropriate to start 2019 by simultaneously poking fun at the legal profession and providing some insight into issues facing legal operations and technology professionals."  (via

  6. Privacy and Cybersecurity Are Converging. Here’s Why That Matters for People and for Companies

    "It’s not just a coincidence that privacy issues dominated 2018. These events are symptoms of larger, profound shifts in the world of data privacy and security that have major implications for how organizations think about and manage both. So what, exactly, is changing?" (via

  7. 15 IT Resolutions for 2019

    "In 2019, IT departments need to drive innovation for their organizations, not hold them back. They must move more quickly, use the data more wisely, and automate mundane tasks so they can act more strategically."  (via

  8. Cybeats Raises $3 Million to Secure IoT Devices

    "With the proliferation of IoT devices where we work, live, travel and shop, and an increase in the number of access points prone to malware attacks, it is critical that we adopt a new approach to cybersecurity for all network-connected devices." (via

  9. Delete the Data: Fredericton Cybersecurity Expert Warns Against Smart Speakers

    "Someone could download your audio recordings or get hold of them inadvertently or hack the companies and get them, and that could reveal a lot of personal information about you."  (via

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