Friday Top Nine for January 11, 2019

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Jan 11, 2019 6:18:02 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: Failed redaction reveals Paul Manafort's 'lies to FBI', Judge Penalizes Lawyers For Not Using Artificial Intelligence, 22 eDiscovery Predictions for 2019, and more...


  1. Better Mobile Tech Can Help Lawyers Earn More and Do Less

    "Of all the process improvements that need to be made, our mobile lawyering processes should be at the front of that line.(via

  2. Judge Penalizes Lawyers For Not Using Artificial Intelligence

    "If artificial intelligence sources were employed, no doubt counsel’s preparation time would have been significantly reduced. (via

  3. Seven Steps for Running a Highly Productive Law Firm

    "Many small-firm and solo attorneys are spread thin, yet hesitate to filter out distractions and hand off time-consuming tasks. Whether you’re missing calls and leads, struggling to follow-up with existing clients and capture late payments, or just looking to run a more efficient and profitable law firm, the right communication systems can help you get more done."  (via

  4. 7 Key IT Investments for 2019 (and 3 going cold)

    "Technology investments are both soaring and falling as digital transformation grips enterprises of all types and sizes. Here's a look at 2019's likely tech hot and cold spots." (via

  5. Failed redaction reveals Paul Manafort's 'lies to FBI'

    "The redaction mishap by Manafort's team allowed anyone to view the text beneath blacked out sections of the online documents when they became public on Tuesday."  (via

  6. 22 eDiscovery Predictions for 2019

    "Here’s hoping that everyone wakes up in 2019 and realizes that even the most beautifully designed piece of technology is useless unless it is designed to solve a problem." (via

  7. Cybersecurity Breaches Will Soon Reverberate All the Way up to the Board Level

    "Technology is fast-moving, ever-changing and seemingly impossible to stay ahead of. Furthermore, most board members have secured their seats because they have valuable years of experience and expertise in certain areas or industries. But cybersecurity is a subject very few people have experience in. One of the biggest challenges, even for some of Canada’s most sophisticated boards, is finding members who actually understand this stuff."  (via

  8. Toronto Man Raises Privacy Concerns After Car Dealership Employee Turns Off His Dashcams - Twice

    "Privacy lawyer Alice Tseng said that in Canada, privacy legislation applies to entities such as businesses or governments, not private individuals or consumers." (via

  9. Six Books That Will Make you a Better Rainmaker

    "Like many mid-career lawyers, I’ve recently turned my mind to business development. At first, I found this transition difficult. There was no IKEA-style guide that could explain, in step-by-step instructions, how to build a roster of clients."  (via

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