Friday Top Nine for February 1, 2019

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Feb 1, 2019 5:48:10 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: Keeping Technology Simple in 2019, The Lawyer of the Future Has Already Arrived, Lawyer Files Suit Over FaceTime Bug Claiming It Allowed Spying During Deposition, and more...


  1. 2019 Canadian Lawyer InHouse Readers' Choice Awards

    "More than 375 readers cast votes for their preferred suppliers and vendors in 34 categories. Lawyers and legal professionals rely on these businesses and that is why we have dedicated these pages to highlight those our readers recommend.(via

  2. Apple’s Empty Grandstanding About Privacy

    "No matter what it says, Apple is not a company committed to data privacy. It is a company that adopts considerably better policies than its more data-hungry competitors, but that does little to curtail the general problem. (via

  3. Keeping Technology Simple in 2019

    "As 2019 continues on, there are a few themes that stand out as far as keeping technology simple for this year. To achieve our nation’s pressing access to justice needs and to close the education gap, we need to look to software and solutions that are open source or freely available. In addition, simplicity is a key component, whether for access or use."  (via

  4. Major DNA Testing Company Is Sharing Genetic Data With the FBI

    "Concerns about unfettered access to genetic information gathered by testing companies have swelled since April, when police used a genealogy website to ensnare a suspect in the decades-old case of the Golden State Killer. But that site, GEDmatch, was open-source, meaning police were able to upload crime-scene DNA data to the site without permission. The latest arrangement marks the first time a commercial testing company has voluntarily given law enforcement access to user data." (via

  5. The Lawyer of the Future Has Already Arrived

    "Different market players are engaging with one another to shape how legal services will be delivered in the future. And it’s exciting that young lawyers are gaining the experience and skills they need to actively participate in this marketplace of ideas."  (via

  6. How Legal Tech Can Help With Brexit

    "What can be done to provide people with high-quality legal support and reduce the level of panic during Brexit? One answer is to create a legal marketplace, which would provide regular legal support." (via

  7. Organizations Still Fall Short on Cyber Security

    "An organization needs a breach response plan tailored to its risks and threats...It has to understand not only where corporate data is stored, but how to classify it for protection."  (via

  8. Lawyer Files Suit Over FaceTime Bug, Claims It Allowed Spying During Deposition

    "...a solo practitioner in Texas, claims he found out about the FaceTime bug on Sunday, and that he was 'undergoing a private deposition with a client when the defective product breach allowed for the recording of a private deposition.'" (via

  9. 6 Hot IT Leadership Trends — and 6 Going Cold

    "As the CIO role becomes increasingly strategic, risk aversion and a results-oriented mindset take a backseat to increasingly influence and driving organizational change."  (via

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