Friday Top Nine for December 21, 2018

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Dec 21, 2018 5:31:04 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: Electronic Discovery: Santa Style, Technology Resolutions for 2019, 2018 Legal Year in Review, and more...


  1. Electronic Discovery: Santa Style

    "With data volumes growing exponentially, we recently recognized a source of unstructured data that is a massive contributor to this growth: letters to Santa Claus. According to sources, millions of letters are sent to the North Pole every year, each one requiring careful reading. So what’s a Santa to do?(via

  2. What do AI, Blockchain and GDPR Mean for Cybersecurity?

    "A recent study from cybersecurity analysts at the universities of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Tel Aviv found that LCD screens “leak” a frequency that can be processed by artificial intelligence to provide a hacker insight into what’s on a screen. (via

  3. Technology Resolutions for 2019

    "One reason for not completing your resolutions is that they are too general (“lose weight”). What if you tried to make some of your resolutions more specific by focusing on a single topic? In this roundtable, our experts weigh in on the idea of setting technology resolutions for 2019."  (via

  4. A New Year’s Evolution: Is the Traditional Law Firm Model Finished…?

    "As a founder of a so called ‘next generation’ law firm (whatever that means), I am often asked if I think the traditional model of a law firm is finished. That begs the question: what is traditional, and what is a firm?" (via

  5. 2018 Legal Year in Review

    "...Legal Year in Review contains our observations about some of the most significant legal developments affecting Canadian business over the past year and their implications for 2019 and beyond."  (via

  6. Concerns Percolating Over Huawei's 'Leverage' Over Canadian Cybersecurity

    "Companies need stronger security, newer hardware, increased cloud storage, and exploration into how the latest 'it' technology can help propel business growth. And they want it all with the same budget as—if not less than—last year’s. It’s every IT manager’s nightmare." (via

  7. How to Build a Meaningful Legal Career

    "The reality is that, just like life, your legal career will take you on lots of twists and turns before you arrive at your destination. But even if there’s no straightforward route, there are similar challenges that all lawyers have to face. Here are five of the most important things you can do, once you become a lawyer, to get your career moving in the right direction."  (via

  8. Cyber Security Predictions Roundup for 2019

    "Criminals using artificial intelligence. More nation-state backed attacks. The Internet held hostage. Dangerous chatbots. President Trump’s cellphone will be hacked. And, of course, more malware. These are some of the predictions security vendors see coming in the next 12 months. It’s not a pretty picture, but then again cyber security never is." (via

  9. The Competitive Landscape of AI Startups

    "Big tech companies are pouring tens of billions of dollars into research on artificial intelligence (AI). Can small startups hope to enter AI markets and compete effectively?"  (via

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