Friday Top Nine for December 14, 2018

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Dec 14, 2018 4:15:39 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: The 2018 Holiday Gift List for The Tech-Loving Lawyer, Back to the Future For Legal AI + Automation, AI and Cybersecurity, Facial Recognition at a Taylor Swift Concert Raises Privacy Concerns...


  1. The 2018 Holiday Gift List for The Tech-Loving Lawyer

    "...the ABA bestseller discussed below that I believe should be on every lawyer’s shelf, many ideas from business books can be distilled into a handful of pages. Blinkist does just that, supplying both written and spoken executive summaries on thousands of books.(via

  2. Columbia Law School Students Are Turning Into Legal Tech Developers

    "Columbia Law School students are using a legal tech company's document automation software to address the legal needs of New York City tenants and low-wage workers in South America. (via

  3. Back to the Future For Legal AI + Automation

    "At this time of year many people will be trying to figure out what will happen in 2019, or even longer term. Instinctively we know that time’s onward arrow will have some impact. Time moves ever forward in one direction. And with it will come change. We can no more avoid this change than we can our past."  (via

  4. Facial Recognition at a Taylor Swift Concert Raises Privacy Concerns

    "Regardless of the use, the practice does raise questions over concert-goers’ privacy. Who owns the pictures? How long will they remain on file? Did the kiosks or venue operators make it known that the images were being gathered?" (via

  5. Stopping Data Breaches Will Require Help from Governments

    "Not a month goes by without a major corporation suffering a cyber attack.  Often state-sponsored, these breaches are insidious, difficult to detect, and may implicate personal information relating to millions of individuals. Clearly, the current approaches to safeguarding sensitive data are insufficient. We need to reorient expectations for the role of the private sector in cybersecurity."  (via

  6. How Will You Allocate 2019's IT Budget?

    "Companies need stronger security, newer hardware, increased cloud storage, and exploration into how the latest 'it' technology can help propel business growth. And they want it all with the same budget as—if not less than—last year’s. It’s every IT manager’s nightmare." (via

  7. What Machine-Learning Really Means for the Law Office of the Future

    "As with the hyperbole that accompanied the smartphone, the reality of AI is far from both the rosiness and the disaster theories being flung out into the legal market consciousness. Part of the problem with understanding AI is definitional. What, exactly, is AI?"  (via

  8. Patch New IoT Devices Fast, Researchers Warn, or They’ll be in a Botnet

    "For some time threat actors who create Internet of Things-based botnets have been relying on brute force attacks to take control of and build chains of devices for delivering malware or distributed denial of service attacks." (via

  9. The Costanza Method

    "Using The Constanza Method and faking a good work ethic won’t get you very far as a lawyer, no matter where you work."  (via

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