Friday Top Nine for August 31, 2018

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Aug 31, 2018 5:48:17 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: Why More Law Schools Are Prioritizing Technology Integration, Meeting Changing Demands in a Digital Landscape, Are Law-Firm Recruiters Staling you on Social Media?, and more...


  1. The Future of Access to Justice? Look to Dispute Tech

    "Where does resolving non-legal issues fit within legal tech? Where do the functions of dispute resolution fit with the rapid development in technology?"  (via

  2. Why More Law Schools Are Prioritizing Technology Integration

    "Universities are investing in video conferencing, artificial intelligence and more to ensure future lawyers remain competitive and prepared."  (via

  3. Can Lawyers Predict if a Dispute Will be Settled?

    "Is it possible to predict with a reasonable degree of scientific certainty whether a dispute will be settled or not? Is it possible to scientifically establish which motivational levers to pull to drive a matter towards the earliest possible settlement? I believe the answer is yes, but the science behind this does not emanate from field of law, but rather from psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics." (via

  4. Air Canada App Data Breach Involves Passport Numbers

    "The airline has warned that users who had entered their passport details into the product may have had that data stolen. Experts warn that the theft of such information would pose a serious ID fraud risk."  (via

  5. Meeting Changing Demands in a Digital Landscape

    "For 95% of the world’s companies, managing contracts is done outside of the cloud on desktops, or worse, still on paper. These workflow blockades force legal to focus on administrative tasks instead of strategic growth, limiting their ability to bring in revenue. While sales and marketing organizations are growing at a rapid pace, legal remains stuck on a slower trajectory, fighting for headcount."  (via

  6. Cybersecurity Muscle Memory: Drilling for a Tight Incident Response

    "How developed is your cybersecurity muscle memory? Chances are you have an outline, script or idea of how to respond to a cybersecurity incident, but the efficacy of the response may be uncertain." (via

  7. 5 Things Every GC Should Know About Their IT Environment

    "Understanding why you need to know about your IT environment should escalate this education toward the top of your to-do list." (via

  8. Which of Your eDiscovery Workflows are Primed for Change?

    "If you haven’t taken time in the last six months to evaluate your workflows, you might already be falling behind—especially since the time between identifying an opportunity for improvement and implementing change can stretch when litigation support, attorneys, reviewers, and clients might all need to be informed and trained accordingly. (via

  9. Are Law-Firm Recruiters Staling you on Social Media?

    "Even though firm recruiters aren’t scouring your social-media accounts for incriminating images, they may, on occasion, plug your name into the search bar and scroll through your online presence."  (via

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