Friday Top Nine for August 3, 2018

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Aug 3, 2018 5:16:43 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your (long) weekend.

This week's roundup includes: Analytics Give Law Firms the Competitive Edge, Do I Really Want (Or Need) a Digital Assistant?, Canada Watching for Cyber Threats to 2019 Election, and more...


  1. Legal Tech – A Five Year Horizon

    "Legal Tech is not new.  eDiscovery has been helping with the heavy lifting on litigious matters since the 1990s, and it’s not like law firms sat out the dot com boom, rise of Microsoft Office, document comparisons, secure printing, etc.  Nonetheless, a new stratus of legal technology led predominantly by start-ups – rather than incumbent tech houses – burst onto the scene around five years ago, full of promises. "  (via

  2. Analytics Give Law Firms the Competitive Edge

    "It’s often been said that the legal industry is slow to adopt technology, or is resistant to the changes technology can bring. But results from a recent survey conducted by Above the Law and Bloomberg Law lead me to beg to differ."  (via

  3. 5 Ways Privacy by Design Can Rebuild Consumer Trust

    "Among the many requirements of the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) is a directive to implement new systems of “privacy by design and default.” In this post-GDPR era, the practice may turn out to be more than a mandate. True privacy by design could be a timely opportunity to engage and empower customers."(via

  4. Sidewalk Toronto Has Yet To Give Us A Reason To Trust Its Smart City Experiment

    "We need a hard discussion about data, surveillance and infrastructure. But we aren't getting much more than urban planning platitudes and jargon."  (via

  5. Do I Really Want (Or Need) a Digital Assistant?

    " is taking over normal human functioning to such an extreme that we no longer need language to navigate the protocols of simply getting by. "  (via

  6. Alberta Privacy Commissioner Investigates Use of Facial Recognition at Calgary Malls

    "Alberta's Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner has launched an investigation into the use of facial recognition technology without consent in at least two malls in Calgary."  (via

  7. Blockchain and GDPR — Frenemies?

    "n a nutshell, GDPR mandates that individuals have access and control over the use and maintenance of their data in certain circumstances, while the foundation of blockchain relies on the immutability of data. On the surface, these concepts seem in direct conflict with each other. This article discusses the points where GDPR and blockchain share common ground, where conflicts may exist and possible approaches for mitigating those conflicts.(via

  8. Security Risks Law Firms Must Understand to Protect Crypto Clients

    "Digital currencies are rising up 400% on the market, turning the heads of businesses, employers, governments, and financial institutions across the globe. As a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Blockchain has become a thriving technology as it provides a secure method of payment transactions. Cryptocurrencies are the most common example of tools used in DLT, as we’ve only scratched the surface of applications for this fundamental technology." (via

  9. Canada Watching for Cyber Threats to 2019 Election, Says Government

    "Canada is 'working hard to ensure that the 2019 elections are protected and defended against cyber threats and foreign interference,' says a spokesperson for federal Democratic Institutions." (via

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