Friday Top Nine for August 24, 2018

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Aug 24, 2018 5:51:10 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: Ai is the Future - But Where are the Women?, Fake News And How Artificial Intelligence Tools Can Help, Cybersecurity While Traveling: Tips and Tricks, and more...


  1. AI Meets Ethics: Can the Resulting Problems Be Addressed?

    "By relying on AI software to make decisions, attorneys are potentially leaning on programs whose inner workings may be neither transparent nor easily deciphered."  (via

  2. Australian Teenager Hacked Apple’s Network Multiple Times, Accessed 90GB Worth of Files

    "Court documents reveal that a 16-year-old hacker from Australia allegedly broke into tech giant Apple’s computer systems and may have downloaded internal files."  (via

  3. Ai is the Future - But Where are the Women?

    "At Google, 21 percent of technical roles are filled by women, according to company figures released in June. When WIRED reviewed Google’s AI research pages earlier this month, they listed 641 people working on “machine intelligence,” of whom only 10 percent were women." (via

  4. Fake News And How Artificial Intelligence Tools Can Help

    "Businesses are beginning to respond to their customers’ demands for facts. The big data-driven, machine-learning tech that is rolling out gives customers the raw material needed to measure and quantify absolute, objective facts and then act based on those findings, rather than rely on opinions and gut instincts so common today."  (via

  5. Trudeau Won’t Say if Canada Will Follow Australia, U.S. in Blocking Huawei From Big Projects

    "Huawei, the world’s largest maker of telecommunications-network equipment and the No. 3 smartphone supplier, has already been virtually shut out of the U.S. market because of national-security concerns and effectively banned from its 5G network."  (via

  6. Cybersecurity While Traveling: Tips and Tricks

    "When on a business trip and constantly using your mobile device for work, you need to be wary that you're more at risk of attack. There are certain best practices that all employees should follow when traveling with your work devices." (via

  7. Using Generational Differences as Advantages in Law Firms

    "Every generation has a list of unflattering stereotypes that define their age cohort. Baby Boomers are often described as work-obsessed and rigid. People refer to Gen Xers as cynical and Gen Ys as narcissists. But is there truth to these stereotypes? And even if so, can’t we all just get along?"  (via

  8. Corporate Cybersecurity Is Becoming Geopolitical

    "This week’s news that Microsoft, Facebook, FireEye, and Google disrupted ongoing Russian and Iranian influence campaigns should garner significant attention in corporate boardrooms. The revelation of this fresh round of foreign hacking highlights important points about the intersection of business, geopolitics, and hacking that too often go overlooked — points that are especially important for platform businesses.(via

  9. Don’t Wait for Regulations to Transform Cryptocurrency Securities

    "According to a recent report from Reuters, cybercriminals stole $761 million worth of cryptocurrency in just the first six months of 2018. That’s nearly three times the total for all of 2017, which was a whopping $266 million, serving as evidence that malicious actors are still finding new ways to fill their digital purses."  (via

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