Friday Top Nine for August 10, 2018

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Aug 10, 2018 7:08:04 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: Is Apple Really Your Privacy Hero?, How to Outsmart the Smart City, Siri, Why Do I Feel Like I’m Being Watched?, and more...


  1. Through The Looking Glass Of Cybersecurity: What Does The Blockchain Look Like?

    "The world of cybersecurity is like our modern day "Wonderland." With massive amounts of data, almost anything can happen."  (via

  2. Phishing, Spear Phishing, and Whaling: Protect Yourself and Your Firm

    "Phishing scams have become a widespread problem—you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn’t been the recipient of a phishing email. Because email is something we all use every day, it’s become a favorite tool for those who are looking to gain illegal access to our business systems and sensitive information."  (via

  3. Is Apple Really Your Privacy Hero?

    "When Facebook became embroiled in a scandal over data leaked by an app developer, Apple CEO Tim Cook said he wouldn’t ever be in such a situation. He framed Apple’s stance as a moral one. Privacy is a human right, he said." (via

  4. How to Outsmart the Smart City

    "Now, here’s where 'panic attacks' could become a real threat. According to our logical deductions, if someone, supervillain or not, were to abuse vulnerabilities like the ones we documented in smart city systems, the effects could range from inconvenient to catastrophic."  (via

  5. Siri, Why Do I Feel Like I’m Being Watched?

    "The Internet of Things heralds a qualitative shift in how privacy is managed, both by people and by the organizations that create, sell, and operate internet-connected devices(via

  6. Law Firms, Artificial Intelligence, And The Fork In The Road

    "Traditional law firm cultural traits can deter technology adoption. Don't be deterred when it comes to AI."  (via

  7. Canadian Law Schools Embracing Technological Change With New Courses, Training

    "Law schools are changing. They’re adapting to the demands placed on them by students eager for technological training that will allow them to not just keep up with a world ever more dominated by the latest high-tech concepts and tools, but to be able to use those advances in their own careers as lawyers.(via

  8. How Your Team's Millennials Will Up Your eDiscovery Game

    "As millennials begin to play a larger role on your e-discovery team, how can you foster collaboration and innovation to yield more effective workflows and better results? Get started with these three tactics for building the right environment." (via

  9. The Seven Pillars of Security Operations Modernization

    "The first thing to understand that modernization is a function of the heart, not of technology — it’s a cultural change, manifested in an optimal balance of people, process and technology." (via

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