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Friday Top Nine for April 13, 2018

Posted by Marketing

Apr 13, 2018 5:27:31 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: Cybersecurity Buzzwords Defined in 60 Seconds or Less,  Lawmakers Want You to Be Able to Sue Robots, In Privacy Fight, We're Asking Facebook the Wrong Questions, and more...


  1. Cybersecurity Buzzwords Defined in 60 Seconds or Less

    "For e-discovery types, keeping up with cybersecurity nomenclature can be a fascinating but time-consuming plunge down a wikihole. There must be a faster way...Relativity Chief Security Officer Amanda Fennell and Matt Rathbun, Microsoft Chief Information Security Officer for Azure government...break down security buzzwords in a way that e-discovery executives, practitioners, and practitioner-executives alike can appreciate—and won’t require an info binge."  (via

  2. The Rise of the 'New' General Counsel to the C-Suite

    "Across corporate America, we see more and more companies giving their general counsels additional roles and responsibilities that have been traditionally held by others on the executive team." (via

  3. How To Secure The Internet Of Things

    "We’re all connected. That’s not just some warm and fuzzy expression of sentiment, it’s the reality of the digital world we inhabit. That connection provides great benefits, but can also leave us vulnerable to those who would prey on any exposed weakness. Hackers and other bad actors are targeting unprotected networks to attack and hijack our personal devices for use in criminal activity.(via

  4. 6 Insights About GDPR Compliance

    "Although GDPR compliance can’t be reduced to a checklist, here are seven key takeaways from the panel discussion."  (via

  5. Former Top Canadian Security Officials Warn Ottawa to Sever Links with China’s Huawei

    "Canada has been wary of Huawei’s operations for years, but the company’s presence here has been growing, and security experts say Ottawa has not been as aggressive as other Western countries, such as Britain, in testing Huawei’s equipment for security vulnerabilities."  (via

  6. Google Cases a Battle Between Right to Privacy and Right to Know

    "At the heart of the first high court ruling on the 'right to be forgotten' principle in England and Wales is a battle between the right to privacy and the right to know."  (via

  7. Lawmakers Want You to Be Able to Sue Robots

    "If a robot, acting autonomously, injures or otherwise wrongs a human, who will be held responsible? Some European lawmakers think that the best way to resolve this question will be to give robots 'electronic personalities,' a form of legal personhood." (via

  8. In Privacy Fight, We're Asking Facebook the Wrong Questions

    "On Android mobile operating systems, Facebook could bundle its permissions requests, leaving users in the dark about exactly what data the mobile app was collecting." (via

  9. AI Takes Over Ryerson to Enhance the Future of the Legal Profession

    "A partnership with Ryerson University, its incubator space, and the Ministry of the Attorney General and $80,000 in seed money resulted in the AI Challenge Forum, a competition between six startups who have incorporated AI in their products for faster, more efficient and effective legal services to legal consumers." (via

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