Friday Top Nine for April 5, 2019

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Apr 5, 2019 6:42:54 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: The Power of Technology in Distracted Driving Cases, The One Thing Missing in Tech, Are our Devices Threatening our Privacy?, and more...


  1. The Power of Technology in Distracted Driving Cases

    "Fifty-three per cent per cent of in-house counsel affirm they spend too much time on repetitive tasks and 34 per cent spend too much time reviewing documents.(via

  2. 3 eDiscovery Lessons from 2018 You Should Revisit

    "With evolving case law and data sources, intense competition, and high stakes being markers of litigation and ediscovery, creativity helps the brightest minds stay ahead of stress and set themselves apart from the pack.(via

  3. Ethics Before Algorithms

    "There has been much written on the topic of ethics in artificial intelligence and innovation recently. It seems we’re moving in the right direction in having an open discussion on the role of ethics and privacy in the algorithms and systems we rely on and use."  (via

  4. Why Cybersecurity Matters: A Lawyer’s Toolkit

    "The legal industry is among the juiciest of all honeypot for hackers, given the datasets held by firms, practitioners, and within the public judicial system itself." (via

  5. The One Thing Missing in Tech: Why Diversity Matters

    "But there is a lack of women working in technology. Women need to play an equal part in creating our future - a diverse workforce brings more innovative solutions to problems."  (via

  6. Facebook Erases 74 Cybercrime Groups With 385,000 Members Selling Passwords, Credit Cards And Hacking Services

    "In some startling cases, credit card numbers and the CVV security codes on the back were being sold, sometimes with ID documents or photos of the victims. The cost, Cisco Talos told Forbes, was around $5 to $10 for credit card numbers and $25 to $30 for account log-ins." (via

  7. Smart Talking: Are our Devices Threatening our Privacy?

    "Millions of us now have virtual assistants, in our homes and our pockets. Even children’s toys are getting smart. But when we talk to them, who is listening?"  (via

  8. The AI Roles Some Companies Forget to Fill

    "AI is almost everywhere in the news today, and the drive to create and implement AI solutions is creating an enormous talent gap.  An estimated 80% of companies are already investing in AI and most are facing challenges hiring the capabilities they need to implement a useful AI application or product." (via

  9. Developer 30 Under 30 Winners Highlights the Future of Tech in Canada

    "The next generation of Canadian developers has arrived, and they are being recognized in the third annual Developer 30 under 30 list." (via

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