Friday Top Nine for April 12, 2019

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Apr 12, 2019 7:31:46 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: What Happens When Our Smart Homes Get Smarter Than Us, Why Robots Are Actually Making Work More Human, Boeing Crash: Can Machines Make Better Decisions Than People?, and more...


  1. Courtroom Effective Technology

    "Today’s trial judges are not only encouraging courtroom technology but they’re expecting it. It’s become quite infrequent to find lawyers who are prosecuting or defending actions without the use of some sort of visual or audio technology to keep a jury’s attention and retention of information.(via

  2. What Happens When Our Smart Homes Get Smarter Than Us

    "We don't always know what data they're collecting, who that data is being shared with, and ultimately, down the road, how that information could be used against us in ways that make us uncomfortable.(via

  3. Leveraging AI and Human Cognition to Impact the Legal Industry

    "Throughout the legal industry, many questions circulate around artificial intelligence (AI). Professionals agree AI is changing the practice of law. However, there is no consensus on how much AI will impact the field in the near term."  (via

  4. Law Firms Lining up to Take Advantage of Tech Boom

    "Employment lawyers need help with issues posed by artificial intelligence in recruitment; we might be dealing with people in the automotive law group on driverless cars or helping the financial services group with fintech matters for banks." (via

  5. Google's Making it Easier to Safeguard Sensitive Data Troves

    "In order to really protect something you need to know where it is, what it is, and how it’s handled."  (via

  6. Amazon Employees may be Listening to Your Recorded Alexa Conversations

    "If the claims that humans are reviewing recordings of our interactions with Echo speakers proves to be true, it could be a concerning insight into how artificially intelligent voice assistants are trained by companies, as well as a potential security issues for users." (via

  7. Why Robots Are Actually Making Work More Human

    "When in reality, I would argue, AI will offload repetitive, rote tasks, freeing up time for teams to concentrate on the sorts of tasks that require uniquely human intelligence."  (via

  8. Boeing Crash: Can Machines Make Better Decisions Than People?

    "If humans are the real risk, automation can help minimize these errors. But the central question remains: who makes the final decision? Is it the person, who is served by the machine?" (via

  9. Best True Crime Documentary — The Final Four

    "Which one do you think is the greatest True Crime documentary of them all?" (via

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