The Case for Artificial Intelligence

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Dec 9, 2019 2:55:43 PM

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In his recent Canadian Lawyer article, Sean Lynch, Director, Legal and Compliance Solutions, presents his case for AI in legal tech. While some Canadian firms have been early adopters of the technology, those who were left behind may be about to catch up. According to Sean, AI is the next step along the technological curve and is being employed in various ways through contract review and analysis, dark data discovery and document review. 

Sean_17b(Linkedin)We anticipate that Active Learning and similar machine learning tools will become the norm in 2020. More and more firms and corporations are encountering data sets that are beyond their resources to process, review and produce in a reasonable timeframe.


Written by: Sean Lynch for Canadian Lawyer Magazine


The legal technology industry is, making it easier than ever not only to understand how AI tools work, but also how to best work with the tool. Workflows are now less cumbersome, and the software is significantly more user-friendly than previous versions. Software like Relativity’s Active Learning allows legal review teams to train the relevance algorithm iteratively, with the system recognizing quickly and accurately what lawyers consider relevant versus non-relevant material. A review lawyer can simply start a review queue and, after the coding of several document, the system will learn enough to begin presenting highly relevant content to the reviewer. 


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