Ricoh Tech Talks: The Webinar Series

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May 22, 2019 12:38:24 PM


Join us each Wednesday throughout the month of June for our TechTalks Webinar Series to benchmark your organization’s approach to managing information and legal operations against peers and industry standards.

Featuring four, one-hour webinars presented by industry leaders showcasing solutions for managing unstructured data, contract analysis, compliance and digital transaction management for the effective and efficient delivery of legal services in-house. 


Control---Active-NavWednesday, June 5: Take Control of Your Data | From 1-2pm ET


 According to IDC, the amount of global data created and replicated annually will reach 44 trillion GB's by 2020! With volumes like that, data governance and compliance is nearly impossible without a clear understanding of what data you’re currently storing and its content.

Active Navigation is enabling organizations to gain full control over their data along with valuable business intelligence and insight. Find out just how easily you can get to the heart of your data and uncover its true value.


  • Natasha Doucas, Solutions Consultant, Ricoh eDiscovery
  • Steve Matthews, VP, Business Development, Active Navigation

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HeretikWednesday, June 12: Taking Contract Analysis to the Next Level 
 | From 1-2pm ET

Organizations are under pressure to reduce costs to complete significant due diligence and contract analysis work while navigating tight time constraints. Legal teams are commonly challenged by limited resources and a lack of technology, to produce results and remain in compliance. 

Ricoh eDiscovery is excited to be partnering with Heretik, a Relativity® integrated leading-edge technology, to elevate our clients Relativity experience and enhance their Contract Analysis capabilities. Join us to find out how you can take your Contract Analysis to new levels to achieve your timelines, mitigate risk, and meet obligations. 


  • Ian Sinclair, Manager, Review Solutions, Ricoh eDiscovery
  • Chris Tkach, Sr. Manager, Customer Success, Heretik

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 Legal-OpsWednesday, June 19: A Blueprint for Modern Legal Dept's | From 1-2pm ET

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The Legal Operations movement is gaining increased momentum as it enables Legal Departments – both large and small. Driving efficient and effective legal services, demonstrating and delivering value while removing barriers between lawyers and business stakeholders, outside counsel, and vendors, to foster a more open and sustainable ecosystem.

Find out how Ricoh’s diverse Services and Technologies can enable your Legal Operations transformation and evolution.


  • Andrea Williams, Vice President, Technology and Emerging Solutions, Ricoh eDiscovery
  • Mary Lou Bautista Cebula, Legal Solutions Consultant, Ricoh Canada

DocuSignWednesday, June 26: Secure and Expedite Signatures | From 1-2pm ET


Using digital signatures is faster and often safer than traditional mediums. Electronic signature solutions can be programmed to automatically maintain a streamlined process when approvals are required from more than one person.

Find out how DocuSign is helping our customers digitally transform their document approval process into one that is secure, efficient, lawful and court-admissible.


  • Chan Yerneni, Portfolio Manager, Ricoh Canada
  • Sam Arkans, Sr. Market Development Representative, Strategic Partnerships, DocuSign

If you’re looking for an intelligent approach to managing information that delivers efficiency, transparency, collaboration, insight, and security, you do not want to miss these webinars!

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