Keeping Your Firm Out of Cybersecurity Headlines

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Feb 21, 2018 4:22:41 PM

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David Levine, Vice President of Information Security and CISO at Ricoh USA, shares tips for keeping cyber breaches at bay while maintaining a competitive advantage by investing in cybersecurity, in his featured article in ILTA's Winter issue of Peer-to-Peer Magazine.


"The very visible damage from data breaches combined with increased demands by clients for improved security makes a convincing case for investing to protect your data and your business.

If law firms had doubts about the need to pay more attention to cybersecurity, the last 12 months should have dispelled them completely. Randsomware, for example, was no stranger to law firms and in some cases had crippling impacts on productivity and profitability and/or resulted in litigation. 

...At Ricoh we see the legal industry is taking cybersecurity seriously as our customers increasingly ask extensive and detailed questions about our own security measures. Corporate clients are starting to audit their law firms' cybersecurity stances and pull their business if the firms fails to meet standards. For the first time some of our law firm customers are citing cybersecurity as their biggest competitive differentiator.

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