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Is Technology Alone the Driving Force For Innovation?

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Feb 10, 2017 4:28:27 PM


The Global Legal Post recently posted the article Law Society Urges Firms to Harness the Power of Automation written by Kathryn Higgins, Corporate Counsel Writer and Editor for The Global Legal Post.

global-legal-post.png“Technology by itself will not bring innovation to a firm. What will is a better understanding of business issues and the points where technology and business come together, and how that can be better understood and developed".

In today's world we are constantly surrounded by the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and of course "All Things Social". But is technology alone the driving force for innovation?

With the rapid advancement of technology, we all run the risk of leaning on technology as the primary driver for innovation, rather than as an enabler. It is important to remember that technology alone will not always drive consistent business outcomes. The most successful organizations will harness the power of their people to make their technology better and align it to repeatable workflows that serve their business.

This topic was most recently addressed in a 116-page report by the UK Law Society, “Capturing Technological Innovation in Legal Services”, where law firms are advised to harness technology in order to remain competitive in today’s market.

"...the long-term vision offered by the report is one in which lawyers have embraced technology not just to better manage their workloads, but to support their own cognitive processes – their arguments, strategies and analyses.

However, respondents to the Law Society’s study were adamant that ‘the human touch’ should never be lost from the legal profession: ‘[The] lawyer must understand processes, how to improve them, and when to add technology".

Let us not forget to consider that technology alone may leave something very important out of the equation, Human Expertise.

Read the full article here.

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