Ipro Introduces Self-Service with New Release of ADD Automated Digital Discovery®

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Sep 28, 2016 2:06:04 PM

Earlier this year, Ipro Tech introduced self-service  data upload,  making it easy to upload case documents directly to the ADD platform and Eclipse review.

ADD utilizes patent-pending technology to stream data to review in minutes without the time delays, errors and budget overruns common with other eDiscovery systems. With the addition of self-service, users now have the ability to easily upload data and choose to process and filter the data instantly into review, or users can choose to process the data at a later date. This feature empowers users from corporations, law firms and service providers to easily upload data in a central location so litigation support teams can focus on more technical tasks like workflow and analytics consulting. As data is uploaded, it is tracked across the workflow in a forensically sound manner keeping case teams aligned and productive from start to finish. Data can be uploaded to internal servers, a service provider or the Ipro Cloud reducing the time, cost and inefficiencies of traditional processing for both small and large cases.

“ADD continues to be the fastest way to get data into review,” said Kim Taylor, President and CEO, Ipro. “By including self-service, we’ve built even more simplicity into the workflow and enabled end-users to quickly upload data to a secure sub-site while our award-winning data processing engine trusted by thousands of eDiscovery professionals operates in the background with limited human interaction.”

To read more about ADD check out the Ipro website.

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Thurs, September 29, 2016 from 1:00 - 2:00pm ET

There is no longer a need to wait for an entire data set to process in order to begin review. Join us to learn more about Automation and Data Streaming (ADD) and leverage Self Service to avoid excessive time delays, unnecessary errors and enhanced management of your budgetary costs.


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