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How three legal experts are delivering better results by using technology

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Oct 19, 2020 3:16:52 PM

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Leveraging technology, legal expertise and enhanced processes to deliver better litigation results is critical and complex.

Last week, Ricoh took part in the Canadian Legal Innovation Forum’s webinar on Delivering better litigation results with technology, legal expertise and enhanced process managementModerated by Peter Aprile, Founder of Counter Tax Lawyers, the hour-long webinar explored how three legal industry experts are applying AI and other tools to improve their results. Here's what each panelist had to say: 


"Usually, there are less than ten documents that will determine the course of the matter. If you can find those ten documents right up front, you’re going to be so much more progressed in your understanding of the case … It’s amazing how just a few documents can really affect the course of a piece of litigation. You want to find those as soon as you can, and we’re finding them a lot faster now using technology."

Andrea Laing, Partner, Blakes


"Using AI like Active Learning in Relativity or contract analysis software like Heretik is designed to allow you to do a tremendous amount of effective and efficient work with very little outlay – both from a time and cost perspective. It makes it easier for internal and external counsel to work together and to arrive at a result in the end that is more efficacious and defensible … Humans are error prone and we can use the technology to substantially decrease the risk associated with undertaking large-scale review."

— Sean Lynch, Director of Legal and Compliance Solutions, Ricoh Canada


"AI and technology is, in my view, indispensable to us as litigators and organizations because it helps us get to that answer sooner. That gives me, as in-house counsel, the ability to work with my business partners and with executives to help them understand where we’re at. You don’t want to be surprised down the road after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on certification or other procedural issues only to find out we should have been focusing on these issues a lot sooner."

⁠— Reena Lalji, Senior Counsel, Litigation | Canadian Personal & Commercial Banking | Legal & Regulatory Compliance, BMO Financial Group

To view the recorded session on-demand, click here.

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