Friday Top Nine for June 2, 2017

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Jun 2, 2017 6:04:13 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

  1. LTPI Reveals Adaptable Model Code of Conduct for Legal Technology Companies

    "Every legal technology company puts forth its own contractual obligations and legal terms and agreements. But missing from many of those agreements are ethical and behavioral obligations.The Legal Technology Professionals Institute (LTPI) is trying to change that. LTPI has released the first edition of the LTPI Model Code of Conduct (MCoC), a document intended to establish ethical standards and guidelines for the legal technology community." (via

  2. The Future Lawyer

    "As the lawyers of the future recreate the legal marketplace, they must zealously defend the rule of law. Its defense will be their most important matter, a constant reminder of what it means to be a lawyer and why the profession is so important to preserving the freedoms so many take for granted.(via

  3. 5 Ways In Which The Business Of Law Is NOT Changing Anytime Soon

    "Are we experiencing, or about to experience, a revolution in the world of legal services?" (via

  4. Outsourcing 101 for Lawyers

    "Outsourcing work to freelance lawyers and other assistants can be a good way to expand your firm’s capabilities without taking on permanent employees. If you use freelancers well, you can work smarter, not harder, when you have more work than you can handle comfortably but don’t want to turn away clients." (via

  5. Is There Such Thing as Preventative Law?

    "Most corporate law departments play the steady Eddy role, priding themselves on managing each day’s crisis quickly, calmly and effectively. Few look beyond the crisis of the day to anticipate and avoid issues before they arise. " (via

  6. 5 Big Data Devices to Avoid If You're a Criminal

    "IoT is contributing significantly to big data—and often, that data is coming into the spotlight in the unending search for justice. Civilly, this means suits are settled or litigated with the benefit of emails, structured data, and social media evidence that can verify timelines and prove intent." (via

  7. How to Measure Your Organization’s Cyber Security Maturity

    "It is increasingly being demanded by boards to help direct improvements in cyber security risk management. But it has to be done rigorously and not by collecting random metrics like the number of incidents faced, patched systems or how many compliance boxes have been checked off."  (via

  8. Generation Lex: Law Schools Seek Balance Between Theory and Practice

    "Traditional bastions of legal learning are moving with the times by incorporating a more practical approach to legal education, yet critics say that they have not moved far enough or quickly enough to keep up with the changes enveloping the profession." (via

  9. New Brunswick Set to Host Summit on Canadian Cybersecurity

    "Economic Development Minister Francine Landry says CyberSmart 2017 is meant to bring together leaders from industry, academia and government to share ideas and develop a national strategy." (via

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