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Friday Top Nine for Dec 8, 2017

Posted by Marketing

Dec 8, 2017 5:19:23 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: How Lawyers Can Use Mobile Apps, Driverless Car Crashes and Data Theft: Law Experts Predict the Court Cases of the Future, Are There too Many Lawyers? and more...


  1. Beware The eDiscovery Disconnect

    "If lawyers don't dig into their own eDiscovery, they're not going to have the discovery they want." (via

  2. How Lawyers Can Use Mobile Apps

    "One of the latest, hottest trends across most industries are mobile apps. It’s not far from the truth to say, “There’s an app for everything.” For today’s legal professionals, a mobile app developer can provide many benefits. There are already numerous mobile apps devoted to lawyers, but it’s also possible and profitable to discuss the specific needs of a law firm with a mobile app developer."  (via

  3. Unstructured Data – GDPR’s Wild Wild West

    "Most structured data sources have controls in place and search mechanisms that provide a very rich and robust method to search for personal data. The very name “structured” points to this fact. How do we provide the same search and management functionality in our unstructured data repositories? Without the right tools, it’s nearly impossible.(via

  4. The 10 concerns keeping the C-suite up at night going into 2018

    "Security-related concerns are impacting how business leaders are digitally transforming as well. Slightly under half of CIOs said security concerns are one of their biggest obstacles to adopting new technology." (via

  5. Driverless Car Crashes and Data Theft: Law Experts Predict the Court Cases of the Future

    "What happens when your smart home locks you out, or a smart thermostat causes a fire? New technologies bring challenges for the law over liability for flawed software, hacked devices and identity theft"  (via

  6. Some Texts Considered Private, Even After They've Been Sent: Supreme Court

    "...all Canadians can expect that all text messages, when sent or received, are considered private. Without the court ruling, someone who sends an intimate message that is then shared could be "out of luck" in seeking a remedy..."  (via

  7. Artificially Intelligent Blockchain of Things: Examining Legal Tech’s Biggest Buzzwords

    "Panelists at ALM CyberSecure 2017 delved into the year’s biggest legal technology buzzwords and the hype fueling their popularity."  (via

  8. Are There too Many Lawyers?

    "With students graduating in record numbers into a stagnant job market, the answer must be yes, right? Not even close" (via

  9. Lawyerist Gift Guide 2017

    "Figuring out what to buy the lawyers—and everyone else—on your list can be a chore, but we are here to help. Here’s our 2017 gift guide packed with gift ideas that are appropriate for the lawyers in your life, the non-lawyers in your life, and for self-gifting.(via

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