Friday Top Five for September 11, 2020

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Sep 11, 2020 8:54:46 AM

Five great industry news stories from this week you may have missed.

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The 9/11 Playbook for Protecting Privacy

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Via Politico

The coronavirus pandemic will transform American life like no event since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. In a recent opinion piece by Politico, the authors explain why, as always in times of national crisis, it's important to meet the emergency while preserving individuals' rights to their way of life. Learn why they argue every choice in this area can entail a trade off against a cherished value during the COVID-19 crisis here. 


Charges laid against two Montrealers after ‘significant’ cyber-attacks

Friday Top 5 Image 09112020 - 2Via Global News

The RCMP says charges have been laid in Quebec court against two Montrealers alleged to have been behind three major cyber-attacks dating back nearly three years. According to Global News, the incidents took place in February 2017, when Canadian Tire reported a breach of its customer loyalty program, and in May 2018, when both the Bank of Montreal and Simplii Financial reported intrusions into their computer systems. The two accused men have been charged with identity theft, unauthorized use of a computer and possession of a device to obtain unauthorized use of computers.


It’s never the data breach it’s always the cover-up

Friday Top 5 Image 09112020 - 3Via ZDNet

The obstruction of justice and misprision of a felony charges levied against Joseph Sullivan, former Uber chief security officer (CSO), sent shock waves through the cybersecurity community. The charging documents issued by the FBI paints Sullivan as actively masterminding and executing a plan to cover up a major data breach, obstruct federal regulations and conceal activity from senior executives. A recent ZDNet article shares the case against Uber as well as "the other side of the story", concluding with what CISOs should take away from this real-life example.


A More Mature Palette: Color Accessibility in Aero UI

Friday Top 5 Image 09112020 - 4Via Relativity

Since Aero UI began rolling out last month, RelativityOne users around the world have leveraged the updated platform to simplify and improve their workflows. Relativity's goal with the upgraded interface is to streamline the way users conduct their eDiscovery, investigations and compliance projects by simplifying the experience, while still making advanced functionality available to those who need it. Check out what's new in their latest blog. 


Pandemic has forced Ontario courts to embrace the future, but questions over technology use remain

Friday Top 5 Image 09112020 - 5Via The Kingston Whig Standard

The pandemic has created chaos across the globe in almost every industry and profession. But, according to The Whig Standard, one silver lining in Canada has been that, despite the turmoil, it has caused both the court system and the legal profession to embrace technology in a way that has not previously been seen. In most jurisdictions, prior to the pandemic, the majority of court filings were still done by filing paper copies in person at the courthouse. When the pandemic struck, the Superior Court of Ontario, like others across Canada, found itself without sufficient conference-call lines to accommodate even the urgent matters the courts continued to hear. Learn how the pandemic has pushed the courts into the 21st century here.

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