Friday Top Five for October 9, 2020

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Oct 9, 2020 11:57:18 AM

Five great industry news stories from this week you may have missed.

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Data’s power to transform legal work

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Via The Canadian Bar Association — National

According to a recent article by The Canadian Bar Association's National, there’s an opportunity for young lawyers who embrace analytics to ride the next wave of careers in the profession. With less of a need for an army of young lawyers to do manual document review, a uOttawa professor says the profession and law schools need to train lawyers to fill the gaps emerging as technology replaces tasks that once consumed many billable hours. Learn what new opportunities could lie ahead and why accessing data could be the key to future lawyers' success, here.


INSIGHT: Legal AI 2.0 Is Now Appealing to the Masses

Friday Top 5 Image 10092020 - 2Via Bloomberg Law

The legal tech industry is thriving and shifting attention to law firm clients — the ones who control the nearly $450 billion of annual spend that goes into law firms’ pockets. Internal legal departments use AI technology for due diligence, as well as daily contract reviews to increase productivity and accuracy. A new Bloomberg Law article explains that professionals in the legal tech sector know AI is no longer in its infancy; things are booming. Already into its '2.0' phase, legal AI is on its way to make even bigger impacts on the industry. 


The pandemic chronicles

Friday Top 5 Image 10092020 - 3bVia Law and Style

In the tech industry, the informal motto is “move fast and break things.” In law, the equivalent axiom might as well be “move slow and don’t touch anything.” The core tenets of the legal system are nearly 1,000 years old, and the norms and practices of the profession are similarly ancient. So what happens when an industry rooted in precedent — both legal and institutional — faces an unprecedented crisis?

In March, the COVID-19 pandemic turned the legal world upside down, shuttering offices, closing courthouses and making face-to-face client meetings impossible. Read how three firms adapted to the biggest period of upheaval in a generation on Law and Style's Precedent Magazine online


Data mapping as a service, a modern form of data discovery

Friday Top 5 Image 10092020 - 4Via Search Data Management

In a recent Search Data Management article, the CEO of ActiveNav provides insight into how data mapping fits into the data management landscape. Read the full interview to find out how data mapping and discovery has changed over the years, and more about ActiveNav's newest mapping-as-a-service platform.


Every day is cyber security awareness month

Friday Top 5 Image 10092020 - 5Via Security Boulevard

If you follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter, you've likely come across a post about October being National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Delivering effective cyber security awareness is an ongoing process, and not one that can be solved in one month a year. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. A new article by Security Boulevard shares why we should all continue on our mission to heighten online security past the month's end. Tips include keeping software up to date, backing up devices and being diligent about updating passwords. 

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