Friday Top Five for October 2, 2020

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Oct 2, 2020 11:15:47 AM

Five great industry news stories from this week you may have missed.

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The price of stolen remote login passwords is dropping. That's a bad sign.

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Via ZDNet

As we kick off Cyber Security Awareness Month, now is an especially crucial time to consider our online safety. On Monday, ZDNet reported that cyber criminals are lowering the prices for access to corporate networks' compromised remote desktop protocol (RDP) logins. This move indicates that leaked usernames and passwords are becoming increasingly more available to hackers, demonstrating how poor passwords continue to plague enterprise security. Read the full story, plus tips on how to secure your accounts, here.


New in RelativityOne: Automate the Case Setup Process

Friday Top 5 Image 10022020 - 2Via Relativity

As any Relativity administrator knows, there’s a list of tasks that must be accomplished before you can import documents into a workspace. In a recent blog by Relativity, they explain why they built their program this way so users could have the flexibility and power to conduct their eDiscovery processes as they see fit. With Aero UI, Relativity is aiming to maintain the power users need to tackle any matter but also make it simple and intuitive for those who are new to the platform. The new Automated Workflows application has a hand in doing just that. Find out how Aero UI is automating the case setup process here.


Quebec to adopt COVID Alert amid rising cases

Friday Top 5 Image 10022020 - 3Via IT World Canada

Quebec reported 750 new cases on Tuesday, the fourth day in a row more than 600 new cases had been reported. With the number of people testing positive for COVID-19 sharply rising, Quebec is now abandoning its opposition to the federally-backed COVID Alert app, apparently hoping it will help health officials and the public slow the spread of the virus. Read IT World Canada's recent article to learn all the details. 


AI, Pandas, And The Future Of Law

Friday Top 5 Image 10022020 - 4Via Above the Law

While artificial intelligence has had a muted impact on law so far, in the broader business world AI is a big deal. Computers are learning to make decisions faster, smarter and more accurately than their human counterparts on topics that previously were thought impenetrable to computer science. Yet, one programmer was able to take an AI neural network designed for image recognition and tricked it into declaring with 98.9 per cent confidence that a picture of a panda bear was actually a vulture.

According to Above the Law, AI is currently deeply powerful but in many ways also deeply limited. Learn why he believes AI hasn't taken legal jobs yet, here.


New homeowner 'freaked out' when stranger took control of her security system

Friday Top 5 Image 10022020 - 5bVia CBC

A stranger told a woman he had complete control over the home security system in her new house in Stony Plain, Alta., and could prove it. As Taylor Fornell stood alone in her front hall, she watched in disbelief as the man unarmed the system, unlocked doors and windows and told her he could track when she left the house — all with a few clicks on the security company's app. Learn how the hacker gained control of her security system, and why security and privacy experts say the situation is the result of weak laws and cancellation policies that are written to boost companies' bottom lines instead of protecting customers on CBC.

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