Friday Top Five for February 12, 2021

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Feb 12, 2021 11:47:57 AM

Five great industry news stories from this week you may have missed.

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Zero-copy integration and new data governance standard to be developed

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Via Canadian Lawyer

According to Canadian Lawyer, the CIO Strategy Council has initiated the development of a national data governance standard called “Zero-Copy Integration.” This standard seeks to offer organizations a way to build new digital services without needing to replicate data, including sensitive information. The proposed zero-copy integration standard will introduce owner-defined access controls that go over the safeguards stated in the General Data Protection Regulation of Europe, the California Consumer Privacy Act and Canada’s Bill C-11, or the Digital Charter Implementation Act, 2020, and will vest ownership and control of information to data owners. Read the full story here.


The Pandemic Might Be The Tech Disruptor The Legal Industry Needs

Friday Top 5 Image - 02122021 - 2Via Forbes

Law is among the slowest industries to adopt new technology, however a recent Forbes article explains how the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing the industry toward digital transformation. Learn how the past year has kickstarted a cultural change that's pushed legal teams to embrace efficiency, stronger security and better client services, here.


Automating Analytics: Three Pieces of Advice for In-House Legal Teams

Friday Top 5 Image - 02122021 - 3Via Relativity

Time is money. Unfortunately, for many in-house legal departments, opportunity cost can’t always have a say in process prioritization. Often, choices are made based on what simply must be done — and the manual nature of many required workflows can feel like a lost cause. In their newest blogRelativity is sharing how in-house legal departments can reclaim some of their costs by using automation. Click here to learn the three ways you can rid yourself of routine and predictable eDiscovery tasks to help your bottom line. 


How Technology is Rapidly Changing the Way Attorneys Practice Law

Friday Top 5 Image - 02122021 - 4Via Influencive

Robert Simon, co-founder of the Simon Law Group and Justice HQ, recently spoke with Influencive on how tech is changing the world of law. "I think that attorneys were unable to imagine another alternative for the in-person practice they had been doing all their lives. In March, all of that changed. Suddenly, as attorneys were forced into virtual settings, they began to realize that perhaps it was possible to conduct client consultations or even depositions over Zoom." Learn why he believe technology benefits both legal practices as well as their clients here.


The lawyer cat Zoom filter is tough to find, but we've got a way you can do it

Friday Top 5 Image - 02122021 - 5Via CNET

If you've been anywhere near the internet this week, you've probably seen the viral video of a virtual legal proceeding in Texas that wouldn't have been very noteworthy except for the fact that a lawyer accidentally switched on a filter that turned his face into an adorable kitten, and couldn't figure out how to turn it off. If you're looking to add some fun to your next virtual meeting, see CNET's new article for step-by-step instructions on how to get the cat filter for yourself. 

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