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Friday Top Five for April 9, 2021

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Apr 9, 2021 9:29:26 AM

Five great industry news stories from this week you may have missed.

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Tool checks phone numbers from Facebook data breach

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In case you missed it, the details of more than 530 million Facebook users have been leaked in a database online. While Facebook says the data is from an "old" breach in 2019 that it had "found and fixed" more than a year and a half ago, the information has now been published for free in a hacking forum, making it widely available. The database includes victims from 106 countries, including 11 million Facebook users in the UK, 30 million Americans and 7 million Australians. Learn how you can use Have I Been Pwned to check whether your account was affected in BBC's recent article.


What LegalTech Changes Are Expected in 2021?

Friday Top 5 Image - 040092021 - 2Via Law Fuel

A recent survey commissioned by Mitratech reveals insight, predictions and expert opinions on what's to come in the world of legal tech this year and beyond. Its key takeaways include: 

  • Corporate legal technology will continue to become more advanced
  • Data privacy and security will be a top initiative
  • Collaboration and workflow automation will increase
  • Efforts toward diversity, inclusion and equity will continue to build momentum

Check out Law Fuel's recap to learn all the details. 


Parts of proposed privacy legislation worse PIPEDA, says commissioner

Friday Top 5 Image - 040092021 - 3Via IT World Canada

According to IT World Canada, the federal privacy commissioner has come out with his most pointed criticisms of the proposed overhaul of privacy legislation covering the private sector. Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien said key parts of the Consumer Privacy Protection Act (CPPA, also known as Bill C-11) won’t increase consumers’ control over their data. In particular, he said the government wants to increase consumer data control by adopting some of the guidelines his office proposed in 2018 to ensure consumers give meaningful consent for the use of their personal data. But the CPPA “leaves out an important facet of our current legislation, the idea that meaningful consent requires that the person giving it understands the consequences of what they are consenting to." Read the full story here.


One of WFH's biggest losers: Cybersecurity

Friday Top 5 Image - 040092021 - 4Via CNN Business

Nearly half of businesses say work-from-home policies have hurt their cybersecurity practices, according to Verizon's 2021 Mobile Security Index. The report includes findings from a survey of 856 professionals responsible for buying, managing and securing mobile and internet of things (IOT) devices for companies. A recent article by CNN Business shares key insights such as "45 per cent of respondents say their companies are sacrificing mobile security to just get the job done." Learn about the cybersecurity pitfalls of working from home and how the "bad guys get smarter" here.


How remote work helped us move past old-school ‘professionalism’

Friday Top 5 Image - 040092021 - 5Via Fast Company

The pandemic has scrambled so much of the “normal” professional experience — commutes, workspaces, business hours, childcare, business travel — that it’s also rewiring our concept of professionalism itself. According to Microsoft Design VP, Jon Friedman, "professionalism ≠ emotionless." Learn why he believes energy is the new time management and how expressive feedback promotes belonging in his recent Fast Company article. 

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