Friday Top 9 for November 8

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Nov 8, 2019 3:22:04 PM

Nine great industry news stories from this week you may have missed.

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Use Chrome? Update your browser immediately.

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Via PC Mag

Users of Google's Chrome web browser are being urged to install the latest updated immediately to patch two security vulnerabilities, one of which is already being exploited in the wild. According to a National Cyber Security report, the browser contains two highly-severe vulnerabilities that allow data to be corrupted by remote hackers, allowing a PC to become hijacked. Get brought up to speed on what you need to know in PC Mag's article


28 Million Canadians Impacted by Data Breach 

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Via Global News

Just one year after enforcing mandatory data breach reporting for Canadian businesses, the country's federal privacy watchdog say data breaches have drastically increased. According to their latest figures, over 28 million Canadians have been affected by a data breach in the past year alone. While there are a number of well-known corporate business' names on the list, small and medium-sized organizations are also contributing to the security issue. Learn all the details on Global News


Users Fear for Privacy After Google Acquires Fitbit 

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Via The Guardian

Google's recent $2.1 billion acquisition of Fitbit is leaving some users worried about the future of their intimate health data. The devices, which track number of steps, sleep quality and even menstrual cycles, will now be powered by Google — a massive tech conglomerate already known for storing people's information. While Google claims it will not be using this personal data for advertising, many are still skeptical. Get the full story on The Guardian


How Machine Learning Pushes Us to Define "Fairness"

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Via Harvard Business Review

According to the Harvard Business Review, "Bias is machine learning's original sin." Creating systems that contain no learned biases is a challenge amongst computer scientists — and, the issue could be effecting us more than we know. For instance, a machine-learning hiring system trained on existing American employment is likely to "learn" that being a woman correlates negatively with being a CEO. Read the full article to learn how morality will play into the future of computers programs. 


AI Could Help Us Deconstruct Why Some Songs Make Us Feel So Good

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Via MIT Technology Review

Ever wonder why some songs make you feel good as soon as they come on? So do the researchers at the University of Southern California. According to, the group has mapped out how things like pitch, rhythm and harmony induce different types of brain activities, physiological responses and emotions. And, they're using machine learning to understand how these relationships could predict how people might respond to a new piece of music. The results? One day we may be able to engineer targeted musical experiences for purposes ranging from therapy to movies. See the full details of the study here


How to Safely Shop Online This Holiday Season 

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Via Gov Tech

Cyber Monday is coming. Are you prepared? This year's annual online sale is expected to pull in $9.4 billion, a $1.5 billion increase from 2018. While December 2nd will certainly be a good day to shop for holiday gifts, it's also be an opportunity for hackers to pray on vulnerable e-commerce retailers. Gov Tech has published a list of buyer-beware tips to keep you safe including only using sites with "https" certifications and avoiding public Wi-Fi. Read all the details here


How Tech Helps Lawyers Win Cases

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Via Law Technology Today

"Legaltech" is a trending topic, but how are emerging solutions helping lawyers win their cases? Law Technology Today breaks down the top seven ways being a tech-savvy lawyer can put you ahead of the rest from drafting documents to using cloud technology. 


'Antiquated' Privacy Laws Jeopardize Human Rights

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Via Canada's National Observer

Canada's federal, provincial and territorial privacy commissioners are calling on governments across the country to modernize their access-to-information and privacy laws. Canada, in comparison to other countries, has fallen behind and hasn't seen fundamental changes in its legislation in over 35 years. Learn how commissioners are are calling to levy fines and make orders against actors who violate privacy laws on Canada's National Observer


Top Challenges Chief Data Officers in Finance Face

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Via MIT Sloan

Chief Data Officers are helping firms boost efficiency and tap new market opportunities — but, this emerging role doesn't come without its challenges. CDOs face increasingly more problems as the intelligence against data security continues to advance. Learn the top three problems these executives are facing, according to MIT

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