Friday Top 9 for July 31, 2020

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Jul 31, 2020 10:44:05 AM

Nine great industry news stories from this week you may have missed.

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Central Health apologizes to 240 patients after employee accesses private records

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Central Health, the second largest health authority in Newfoundland and Labrador, is apologizing after an employee "inappropriately accessed" the health records of 240 patients over a span of two years. On Tuesday, CBC reported that all 240 people who were affected were being called to alert them of the breach. The person involved in the breach is no longer working for the organization.


Today’s ‘mega’ data breaches now cost companies $392 million to recover from

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According to IBM's annual Cost of a Data Breach Report, the average data breach now costs $3.86 million but, in instances where 50 million customer records are involved, "mega" breaches can cost up to $392 million. These costs can include repairing systems and upgrading architectures, investing in new cybersecurity services and cyberforensics, and paying regulatory penalties and settling lawsuits — especially when personally identifiable information (PII) is involved.


How COVID-19 increases the risk of cyberattacks

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Over the past few months, several notable cyberattacks have made the news including the recent Bitcoin scam that hit some of Twitter's top influencers as well as attempted cyberattacks to gain insights on vaccine research through Canada's Communications Security Establishment. According to Elizabeth Rayner of Canadian Lawyer, both events demonstrate the increase of cycberattacks and need for increased cybersecurity. Learn why a remote workforce has enhanced risks of being attacked here


Online Bar Exams Come With Face Scans, Bias Concerns

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In the United States, hundreds of law school graduates will sit for the bar exam on Tuesday, but first they will have to smile for the camera. Michigan is among a handful of states conducting online bar exams that use facial recognition software to deter cheating. Learn how the US will be conducting bar exams online and the method's potential bias here.


Is Legal AI Making Lawyers Dumb? Quite The Contrary

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The fear of advanced technology is as old as technology itself. This notion is especially prevalent in the practice of law. A new expert opinion article from argues legal AI liberates attorneys from the menial, enabling them to devote more time to developing trial strategy and substantive legal acumen. AI makes attorneys smarter in ways that better suit them for a future practice of law. Learning and employing AI (and, broadly, legal technology) is a skillset that is crucial for lawyers of all experience levels to best serve their clients and keep up with innovative and tech-driven legal teams. Click here to learn how tech can enable smarter decisions and help create the modern lawyer. 


Seeing the big picture: Deep learning-based fusion of behavior signals for threat detection

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Have you ever wondered how deep learning works against cybersecurity threats? A recent blog by Microsoft explains how their machine learning plays a critical role in analyzing and correlating massive amounts of data to detect increasingly evasive threats and build a complete picture of attacks. Microsoft Defender ATP detects malware and malicious activities using various types of signals that span endpoint and network behaviors. Signals are then aggregated and processed by heuristics and machine learning models in the cloud. Get an in-depth walk through of how the solution works here.


Canadian smart glasses going 'offline' weeks after company bought by Google

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An Ontario-based tech company acquired by Google last month has told customers that its smart glasses will no longer work after Friday. North, which started as Thalmic Labs in 2012, has announced they will be "winding down" production of its Focals smart glasses following the acquisition. After today (July 31), the "smart" element of the glasses will be unusable.


This AI tool can identify individual birds with 90% accuracy

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Birdwatchers armed with binoculars and fields books can be great at spotting species, but they struggle to identify individuals in a flock. Luckily for them, a new AI tool can do the tricky task for them — and potentially offer new insights into bird behaviors. The Next Web reports the scientists behind the project first trained the AI using labeled images and captive birds. The team says the AI correctly identifies over 90 per cent of the wild species and 87 per cent of the captive ones. 


Ryerson's Legal Innovation Zone Announces International (Virtual) Tech Entrepreneurship Program 

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Ryerson University’s legal tech startup incubator is launching Sprint Studio, a free new virtual program for tech entrepreneurs around the world. This fall, the 12-week program will help entrepreneurs “develop their proof of concept into a market-ready product.” It aims to help early-stage startups build innovative legal tech products and validate their business models. Visit Betakit's website to read the full story. 

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