Friday Top 9 for July 24, 2020

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Jul 24, 2020 2:26:16 PM

Nine great industry news stories from this week you may have missed.

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68 per cent of Canadians say proper tech makes home setups more productive than offices: study.

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Via Mobile Syrup

A recent study showed that 61 per cent of polled workers consider their work-from-home set up to be on par with their office. In turn, nearly half of the respondents believe their companies will have a more digital culture post-pandemic signaling that digital transformation is top of mind for many organizations.


Twitter says hackers downloaded data from up to 8 accounts

Friday Top 9 Image 07242020 - 2Via CNET

Following last week's leading headline, Twitter has now announced that the hackers who hijacked the accounts of high-profile users including former US President Barack Obama and Microsoft founder Bill Gates to tweet out a bitcoin scam also downloaded the data from up to eight accounts. Twitter declined a request for a full list of the targeted accounts in light of its ongoing investigation, in which it's "continuing to assess whether non public data related to these accounts was compromised."


Firms Are More Prepared to Use Legal Tech in 2020

Friday Top 9 Image 07242020 - 3Via Bloomberg Law

Law firms and in-house legal departments agree that outside counsel must increase their use of legal technology to be more efficient. In Bloomberg Law's 2020 Legal Operations Survey, they found that three-quarters of in-house respondents expect their outside counsel to increase tech use, and more than 80 per cent of firm lawyers said their clients have this expectation. Read all the survey results here.


Canadian story publishing site acknowledges improper access to users’ personal information

Friday Top 9 Image 07242020 - 4Via IT World Canada

A Toronto-based story publishing site says someone may have “improperly accessed” personal information about its users. Wattpad Corp., "the wold's most-loved social storytelling platform", released a statement updating their July 14th breach. The person who accessed the data could have seen or copied personal email addresses, dates of birth, IP addresses and more.


Sask. privacy commissioner says more detailed COVID-19 data could be released without risking privacy

Friday Top 9 Image 07242020 - 5Via Tech Crunch

GEDmatch, the DNA analysis site know for catching the Golden State Killer, was pulled briefly offline on Sunday while its parent company investigated how its users’ DNA profile data apparently became available to law enforcement searches. The site, which lets users upload their DNA profile data to trace their family tree and ancestors, confirmed on Wednesday that the permissions change was caused by a breach.


Bluink launches verified biometric digital identity tool in British Columbia

Friday Top 9 Image 07242020 - 6Via Biometric Update

Bluink’s eID-Me verified digital identity smartphone app is now available in British Columbia, supporting BC Services Cards and BC Driver’s Licenses. Before its release in British Columbia, eID-Me had already been successfully launched in Ontario and Quebec. Although not currently available, the team is already working on a system to verify address stickers on ID cards. eID-Me does not replace legal ID documents, but can provide a secure backup of them on a smartphone.


Beyond click-through agreements

Friday Top 9 Image 07242020 - 7Via Canadian Lawyer

Although we have seen click-through agreements for decades  mostly in the consumer digital goods and software space they have now permeated most facets of business deals. These click-through contracts consist of ‘I Accept’ signings and a standard form document, often referencing related policies and standards such as standard Terms of Use and Privacy Policies.

Recently, Marc Le Blanc, General Counsel at TVO, shared his take on what click through agreements mean for in-house counsel and what's to come. Read it on Canadian Lawyer.


This scheduling strategy can save you hours per week

Friday Top 9 Image 07242020 - 8Via Fast Company

It’s common knowledge that multitasking isn’t effective. The brain takes extra time shifting between tasks, which can take longer than it would have if you did each task by itself. For this reason, a recent Fast Company article suggests to schedule all your one-on-one meetings on Mondays, and team meetings on Tuesday or Wednesday. Learn why this method works along with its benefits here


IP lawyers applaud launch of Ontario’s intellectual property action plan

Friday Top 9 Image 07242020 - 9Via The Lawyer's Daily

The Ontario government has announced an “intellectual property action plan” as part of its effort to jumpstart the province’s pandemic depressed economy. According to a July 17 news release, the initiative is aimed at driving Ontario's competitiveness by prioritizing intellectual property (IP) generation, protection and commercialization. News of the government’s IP action plan was welcomed by some intellectual property lawyers. Read all the details on The Lawyer's Daily.

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