Friday Top 9 for January 10

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Jan 10, 2020 3:23:30 PM

Nine great industry news stories from this week you may have missed.

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Via The Guardian

Following the #MeToo Movement, artificial intelligence programmers are developing bots that can identify digital bullying and sexual harassment. The bots, which are being rolled out at companies around the world, can monitor and flag communications between colleagues that may be deemed unappropriated. Learn all the details of this development in The Guardian's recent article. 


Data Overload

Copy of Friday Top 9 Image Template (14)Via The Globe and Mail

If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of data you're holding on to, you're not alone. The notion of data purging is a hot topic, especially at the dawn of the New Year. In a recent Globe and Mail article, the author explains:

"We are drowning in our data – and it’s not our fault. There’s big business in getting us to create, store, share and consume more, not less, and it’s only getting harder to control. I’m beginning to realize my data will never fit neatly into a curated box like the one by my desk. But I think I’ve finally figured out how to deal with the chaos. I’m learning to let go."

Find out why it night be time to do a digital purge here.


How AI is Disrupting the Legal Tech Industry

Copy of Friday Top 9 Image Template (15)Via IT Pro Portal

As AI software continues to grow, it's working its way into new, diverse markets. Legal tech is no exception. According to IT Pro Portal, AI programs are contributing to legal research, contract management and even predicting legal outcomes. Click here to learn all the details. 


Looking back on a Decade of eDiscovery

Copy of Friday Top 9 Image Template (17)Via Relativity

Relativity's latest blog brings readers down memory lane, showing just how much eDiscovery has grown in the past ten years. In 2010, they hosted their first Relativity Fest with 141 attendees. This year, there were over 2,000. Learn how Relativity developed into a tool that's no longer just for litigation and what's to come here


Facebook Bans Deepfake Videos

Copy of Friday Top 9 Image Template (18)Via CBC

But will it fully solve the problem of online deception? According to CBC, the new rules won't include parody, satire or clips edited to change word order. Created by artificial intelligence, or machine learning, deepfakes combine or replace content to create images that can be almost impossible to tell are not authentic. Time will tell whether this measure will defeat the "fake news" sensation. 


Border Agency's Digital Device Searches Broke the Law

Copy of Friday Top 9 Image Template (23)Via CTV News

CTV News has reported that Canada's border agency violated the law by carrying out unduly invasive searches of personal digital devices by viewing one traveller's social media and online banking information. This, according to the federal privacy watchdog, was a privacy violation. According to CTV, border officers cannot routinely examine such devices and can only proceed in the event a number of indications suggest a search would produce evidence of illegal activities. Learn the full story here


Microsoft to Expand Canadian-Based Cloud Computing

Copy of Friday Top 9 Image Template (20)Via Mobile Syrup

Microsoft Canada is expanding its Canadian-based cloud computing infrastructure to accelerate the country's business development. Microsoft Azure, which is used with RelativityOne,  will be adding "Availability Zones" which will increase compute capacity in its Canada Central region by more than 1,300 per cent. Mobile Syrup reports that the expansion will continue to build on its presence in Canada. 


How a Chipmunk Emoji Cost a Texter $2,000 🐿️

Copy of Friday Top 9 Image Template (21)Via Technology & Marketing Law Blog

Using a variety emojis in their conversations landed one texter in hot water. According to the Technology & Marketing Law Blog, a landlord and prospective tenant were communicating about an available apartment via text. The prospective tenant's text messages expressed enthusiasm for the renting the apartment — and several emojis. As a result, the landlord believed the tenant had positive intent to take the lease and, as a result, removed the listing. Not long after, the tenant ghosted the owner. Read all the details of the unusual case here


How Does a Lawyer Get Competent in Tech?

Copy of Friday Top 9 Image Template (22)Via Law Sites Blog

If a Luddite lawyer were to ask you, "How do I get competent in technology?" what would be your number one piece of advice? Bob Armbrogi of Law Sites Blog posed this question to Twitter and received over 100 responses. If you're looking to become more tech savvy in 2020, this last article may be worth reading.

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