Friday Top 9 for February 28

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Feb 28, 2020 3:58:20 PM

Nine great industry news stories from this week you may have missed.

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This Technique Uses AI to Fool Other AIs

Via Wired

Last week we discussed that fact that although artificial intelligence is making huge strides in understanding language, it still suffers from an alarming kind of algorithmic myopia. For example, a sentence that seems straightforward to us may have a strange ability to deceive an AI algorithm. That means there can be problem when text-mining AI programs are used to judge job applicants, assess medical claims or process legal documents. Learn how one algorithm is working to combat AI confusion without changing the meaning of a piece of text here


Preparing for the Future: Innovation Through Incremental Change

Copy of Friday Top 9 Image Template (1)-9Via Above the Law

The tech disruption of the legal industry is well underway. But, not everyone is on board quiet yet. In Above the Law's recent article, Dean Sonderegger explains why the incremental adoption of foundational technology will make the process of enabling and even transformational technology much easier in the long run. Click here to learn why adoption today will pave the way for a better understanding of new technology tomorrow. 


It's 2020. Is using public Wi-Fi still dangerous?

Copy of Friday Top 9 Image Template (2)-9Via How-To Geek

Public Wi-Fi is safer than it used to be, but there are still risks. The widespread embrace of HTTPS has made it so random people can't snoop on your activities, but that's not to say that malicious hotspots don't exist. Read How-To Geek's article to learn what you need to know about using open Wi-Fi connections and how you can protect yourself online in public. 


6 business concepts IT leaders should master

Copy of Friday Top 9 Image Template (8)-8Via CIO

Unfortunately not everyone is interested in talking about technology. That's why, when it comes to communicating the business value of tech, IT leaders must speak and think like their business peers.  Check out CIO's list of the top six concepts to support your IT goals across the broader business. 


Disruption: the new buzzword in tech

Copy of Friday Top 9 Image Template (4)-8Via Relativity

The word "disruption" has been popping up a lot (see #2 above). While adopting new technologies and offerings is critical to survival, it’s not enough. If you really want to stand out, you need to break through the noise of other law firm's offerings and demonstrate your value. Learn how minimizing the bad and enhancing the good can help your firm harness the future of legal tech on Relativity's blog


Smart vacuum flaws could give hackers access to camera feed

Copy of Friday Top 9 Image Template (11)-1Via ZD Net

Security vulnerabilities in a brand of IoT vacuum cleaners could allow hackers to gain access to devices, send commands and even monitor live video feeds recorded by the in-built cameras. By exploiting vulnerabilities, hackers could potentially take control of a vacuum, as well as have the ability to monitor the live video feed produced by the device. Attackers could also gain access to internal mapping data of the area the cleaner patrols and information about the network it's on, potentially including the IP address and location. Learn the full details of the vacuum's make and security concerns here. 


Genetic testing hampered by data privacy concerns

Copy of Friday Top 9 Image Template (12)-1Via CNET

Laura Hautala hit the nail on the head in her CNET article: when it comes to sensitive data, it doesn't get much more personal than your genes. There's now tons of genetic records stored by health care companies and consumer genetic testing companies which are raising concerns. Experts now say we could be at risk of a Cambridge Analytica-style event that reveals genomic data to parties who should never have gotten their hands on it. Read all the details of this development here


Should robots have a face?

Copy of Friday Top 9 Image Template (13)-1Via New York Times

As automation comes to retail industries, companies are giving machines more human-like features. The reason? So they're not feared. The New York Times investigated whether or not robots with friendly faces and cute names would help people feel good about the devices that are taking over an increasingly amount of human work. Read their findings here


How to use LinkedIn to boost your legal career

Copy of Friday Top 9 Image Template (10)-2Via Law and Style

There are two common misconceptions when it comes to using LinkedIn. The first is to think that the purpose of the platform is to create a bare-bones profile that outlines (a) your current job, (b) where you went to law school and (c) not much else. This is the wrong attitude. Learn what you should include on your profile here

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