Friday Top 9 for August 28, 2020

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Nine great industry news stories from this week you may have missed.

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Why Centralized e-Discovery Is the Best Investment

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Via Relativity

To be effective in their day-to-day operations, legal departments must think seriously not just about the facts and merits of each case, but the overarching strategy they’ll use to work their way to a resolution. In a recent blog, Relativity shares why a consistent approach will streamline each step and ensure greater knowledge sharing across projects. In this post, they break down the three different types of organizations using a clever analogy and explain how you can save on efficiency, costs and security by centralizing your eDiscovery processes.


Boost Your Resistance to Phishing Attacks

Friday Top 9 Image 08282020 - 2Via Harvard Business Review

Despite corporate security departments' attempts to educate their staff about phishing — which accounts for 90 per cent of all data breaches — an estimated 30 per cent of fraudulent emails are opened nonetheless. The cost of a successful attack averages $3.8 million. Learn why two phishing researchers recommend taking a team-wide approach and using gamified training to avoid disaster in Harvard Business Reivew's recent article


Intelligent Automation is Transforming Legal Firms

Friday Top 9 Image 08282020 - 3Via Analytics Insight

Ongoing technological advancements in automation and artificial intelligence (AI) guarantee to disrupt the very foundations of how legal work is conducted and delivered. If you're new to the world of legal tech, this recent Analytics Insight article is a great read to get an introduction on why law organizations should change their strategies to fuse automation in their everyday functions.


DocuSign integrates eSignature tools into Workplace by Facebook

Friday Top 9 Image 08282020 - 5Via ZDNet

DocuSign and Workplace by Facebook have integrated e-signature workflows into chat and throughout the social enterprise platform. The integration is a win for both Workplace by Facebook as well as DocuSign, which is focused on its Agreement Cloud amid digital transformation efforts and remote work. Read the full story on ZDNet. 


INSIGHT: The Future of Junior Lawyers Through the AI Looking Glass

Friday Top 9 Image 08282020 - 4-1Via Bloomberg Law

The US Labor Department expects employment in the legal sector to grow; the addition of AI in law firms will only expand those opportunities. It's becoming clear to many that law firms must incorporate new legal tech developments in order to attract top talent, remain a top competitor and mold their junior lawyers to be better than the next. Learn how AI grows the legal industry, increases productivity and reduces billable hours in Bloomberg Law's recent article. 


Ontario Enters The Private Sector Privacy Realm: What The New Privacy Law Consultation Means For Business

Friday Top 9 Image 08282020 - 6bVia Mondaq

On August 13, the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services launched a public consultation process and published a discussion paper about new private sector privacy legislation. The public consultation process will remain open until October 1, 2020. The discussion paper has been published in the wake of the Québec government's decision to introduce Bill 64 this June, which proposes sweeping reform to Québec's existing private and public sector privacy legislation. These two proposals, along with the pending review of federal PIPEDA, provide insight into how Canadian governments are approaching privacy law reform in the era of GDPR, data analytics and artificial intelligence. Find out the high-level facts you need to know about this development on Mondaq.


Even Google engineers are confused about Google’s privacy settings

Friday Top 9 Image 08282020 - 7Via The Verge

Google’s privacy settings don’t just confuse its users — they confuse its employees too, according to internal documents unsealed in a lawsuit over Google’s data collection. The Verge reports an Arizona investigation was kicked off by a 2018 Associated Press article showing that Google services will store location data from your Android device or iPhone — even if you “pause” a setting called “Location History.” Even with that setting switched off, some Google apps automatically store locations, along with a timestamp, anyway. Google says it is cooperating with the Arizona attorney general, and has supplied documents and answered questions raised by investigators.


Has COVID Really Changed The Practice Of Law Forever

Friday Top 9 Image 08282020 - 8Via Above the Law

Working from home, in some form, is going to be more normal if only because lawyers will demand it and firms are going to want to cut back on office space. But we’re not going to see the normalization of a full-time work from home model. Read Joe Patrice's recent Above the Law article to learn why embracing the backslide is going to be as important to charting the future as understanding the change of the present.


How AI Helps The Law

Friday Top 9 Image 08282020 - 9Via AI Daily

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have taken shape in the legal industry, saving time and administrative work and bringing many other benefits. Companies are now starting to introduce various technologies that can simplify the process, ensure greater accuracy and improve compliance with data protection rules. AI Daily's recent article explains how AI is transforming the legal landscape by automating repetitive and monotonous tasks. 

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