Focus, experience critical to ediscovery managed services

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Feb 3, 2016 8:30:00 AM reaches out to Commonwealth Legal's Vice President, Jennifer Johnson, for what makes for an effective ediscovery managed services offering.

Cloud-Image.jpgRather than just an add-on to its main business, 'managed services' should be at the core of an ediscovery firm's offering, as expertise, flexibility and a well-established technology toolkit are key to excelling in this area, says Commonwealth Legal vice-president, Jennifer Johnson.

In the managed services area — which is a sophisticated combination of evidence management, the cloud, and reactive service needs for litigation, regulatory matters, inquiries or investigations, means that only hands-on experience and a proficient team can set you up for success.

“This is not the kind of business where you can get away with doing a satisfactory job. Infrastructure costs, security risks, an efficient approach to managing the data and enabling your clients to really master the technology is what makes us successful,” says Johnson.

“The reality is that anyone can buy a tool. But we know from experience, and law firms have learned this too as they work to evolve their in-house capabilities, that it takes a village to support these applications and the teams that are using them. There is a lot at stake and highly responsive, first-hand expertise is critical to the successful management of cases in the cloud,” says Johnson.

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